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Imperfect-Part Fourteen
Imperfect-Part Fourteen

Imperfect-Part Fourteen

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(Ren's Pov.)

Orion's arms wrap around my waist and his head is laid on my back. His body is warm pressed against mine. "I-I," He moves away, staring at me. 'It is okay.' Taking a deep breath, I lean back into him. "My mom she-um-" He smiles, rubbing my back. "She is going to pay for me to go to college but only if I leave you." He nods,'okay. Call her back and tell her you agree.' I feel my heart drop,"what?"

He smiles,'it is okay. I can't let you throw everyhting away.' He seems so calm, so controlled, but his knuckles are slightly white. "I cannot do this." He doesn't meet my eyes as the words land on his ears. 'I understand, I swear.' I almost laugh,"she wants me to go to school for bussiness and marry anice blonde woman. I don't like woman or bussiness. I cannot pretend to be something I am not for the rest of my life," he stares at me. "I will just be a model, don't need a damn degree for that."

He smiles and laughs. 'I have an idea of where you can stay, it is only twenty minutes from here.' I raise my eyebrow in question,'get dressed. I figure it is time you meet my family for real this time.' I laugh and he moves, letting me up. We each dress, backs turned from each other.

He looks good in a blue shirt and light jeans, wheras I wear a black shirt and dark jeans.

Two buses and a short walk later, my boyfriend is knocking on his mom's door. 'She will love you, calm down.' My hands are shaking slightly and he brings it up to his mouth, kissing each knuckle. This calms my nerves until the door opens and standing there is a confused boy who looks likes a much older version of the boy holding my hand.

"Who are you?" He questions, eyeing me. My throat closes and Orion steps in front of me, leading me by hand around the boy. "Mom, isn't here. Care to explain this?" He questions, following us into the kitchen. Orion goes on ignoring him, he turns to me instead. 'Are you okay with waiting?' I nod and once again he leads me away, this time up the stairs.

'This is my room.' Orion explains, locking the door behind him. His room looks exactly how I expected it to. He presses a kiss to my lips, I smile. "Open this door this minute." His brothers voice shouts through the thick wood. Orion swings the door open, letting him in.

He pulls me down beside him on his bed, kissing me again.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy

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27 Apr, 2021
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