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Imperfect-Part Ten
Imperfect-Part Ten

Imperfect-Part Ten

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

Ren Stone's pov.

Orion turns over; face in my chest, legs tangled with his blanket, arm around my waist, and soft snores leaving his body. I rub his back, closing my eyes against the sunlight. Orion stirs, turning over again. He grabs his phone. 'How long have you been up?' He questions, yawning. I smile, he sits up on my lap. Yawning again into his elbow.

"Only a little while." He raises an eyebrow, I wrap my arms around his waist, and his ears turn a vibrant shade of pink. He smiles down at me,'what do you have to do today?' As I read the question I can feel the happiness draining from my body. He furrows his brows,' what is wrong?' I shake my head and lean forward to get up. He pushes me back down and plants himself over me so I cannot move.

I groan,"really?" He shrugs, raising an eyebrow in response. "I have to go to this family dinner thing." He nods and moves out of my way. 'Now?' I shake my head, chuckling, and pulling him by his waist towards me. "No, later. " As the last word comes ot of my mouth, the door opens.

"Mom, will be-" the boy stope, smiling. "You must be Ren, I am Liam." I nod, shaking his hand. "Orion is totally infatuated with you." Orion's face goes red and he shoves Liam away, shaking his head violently. "He thinks you are pretty." Liam says, holding Orion back with one arm. Liam is tall, muscular, blonde, and has pale green eyes.

He stinks his tongue out at Orion. I laugh, wrapping my arms around Orion, and pulling him towards me. His back to my chest, I lean down whispering in his ear. "You are pretty too." Liam laughs, slinging his bag onto his bed. 'Stop, it isn't funny.' Orion huffs, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You are so cute when you are mad." He blushes, covering his face. i kiss his hands, he moves them away, pecks my lips, and then covers his face back up. Liam chuckles,"he really does like you." I nod,"I really like him." Orion tugs on the bottom of my shirt, handing me his phone.

'Do you have to now?' I shake my head,"what do you want to do today?" He smiles, kisses the corner of my mouth, and pulls me onto his bed. Grabbing his laptop.

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Lemon Drop
About This Story
7 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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