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By Willie - 1 Review

Tis twilight hour: the evening dews
Are gently falling on the sod,
Affection draws my heart to muse
On thee, best blessing, from my God.

Now are thy thoughts of me afar,
Imprisoned, yet not charged with crime.
Torn from thee by this cruel war,
Wasting in bonds my manhood's prime.

But soon, I hope to meet again
With thee, dear partner of my life;
That joy will compensate all pain
Of absence from my darling wife.

You ask my thoughts at sunset hour;

My thoughts are yours, the long day through:
Nor, can I ever wish for power
E'en to forget thy love so true.

Oh! teach our little boy to think
His father's honor ever true,
Better in chains or death to sink,
Than honor lost, to come to you.

May angels guard your course by day,
And vigils o'er your slumbers keep.
Our righteous God, who hears us pray,
Still dries the tears His children weep.

Yet, think of me at day's decline,
Let your thoughts with hope be bright.
My soul shall converse hold with thine,
At evening time it shall be light.


Author Notes: This was written by my great great great uncle during the civil war. He was an confederate soldier who lived in Georgia. he joined Newton’s rifles. He was captured by general Sherman’s army twoards the end of the war.

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3 Nov, 2022
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