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In Another Universe
In Another Universe

In Another Universe

Ld12092004Alexis Do

We were partners in crime

I met you when we were nine

You were my friend when no one dared

You were always on my mind

Holding onto to you when I could, catching every glimpse of your love

You were my strength the upbeat of my life

Until you decided to let go…

Because we grew older, we drifted from one another

I wish I could turn back time to have you hold me again

Wishing that you would someday turn your head and realize that I’m the one

Seeing you with her, tore my heart in two

Wishing that I was her, to feel the warmth of your touch

Looking back…

It was all a lie

Turned out that you were never mine

I was merely part of a plan that was left behind

Forgotten and thrown away and soon the wind blew me away

Regretting my choices of knowing your face, I still wish that time will reverse

Hoping that someday we will meet again

In another universe

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About The Author
Alexis Do
About This Story
21 Nov, 2019
Read Time
<1 min
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