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In Between You and Me
In Between You and Me

In Between You and Me


In between you and me -

Can I tell you this?

The way you look is kind of dream

Your manners clean

There’s this beat in my heart which races fast

On seeing you beam

So I’ve to tell you this

My heart thinks of you

And is making me fall into deep

Your smile soft and you feel serene

All I wanna do is - ask you out for a cup of coffee and cream

I’ve never done this before - crushing over someone who is new to me and above in hierarchy

Believe me! I order my mind to behave

But even a distant sight of you - makes me want to step close and be lost in you

I find myself smile as I write these into words

I want you to read this and think of me and blush

Something in between just you and me

I’m drunk on chocolates so I had to say you this

Or else it would have never left my lips

I never wanted to fall so fast but you walked in and pushed me hard

Everyday I search for just the glimpse of you

And that scares me too

But when I finally see you

You make me free

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About The Author
About This Story
11 Aug, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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