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In a Bubble
In a Bubble

In a Bubble


I am in a bubble.

I feel the sides of it

It is strong not like an ordinary bubble made out of soap

I look around

All I see is darkness

I look up I see faces

I can see my best friends and my fake friends

My best friends look happy

they don't see me in the bubble

My fake friends on the other hand

laugh at me

with every word they say

the push me down farther

and farther into

the darkness

I am floating down.

I only see my best friends face

she is the only one who hasn't noticed

me drifting farther and farther away

I am enveloped in darkness

I sit staring at the surface of the darkness,

the surface of the water

so far away

suddenly I see

a boat and a familiar face

who is it?

Is it my savior?

A hand reaches in and with

all of my might I burst the bubble

I my savior's hand

they pull me up out of the darkness

Who are you, my savior? Who are and when are you coming to give me hope? Where are you? Have you been next to me this whole time and I haven't noticed you? Who are you?

Author Notes: Who are you my savior? Who are and when are you coming to give me hope?

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About This Story
10 Mar, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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