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In Defense of...
In Defense of...

In Defense of...


I stand in the doorway to the courtroom come on Hayley walk into the room now. I didn't move just slowly stumbled over my feet into the courtroom as the judge said "Finally the so-called Callpert" I gulped but my mouth fell dry as I look up to were I need to sit as my lawyer grabs my hand an whispers "Good job now hell really think you did it"I just sighed an whispered back " sorry mr.i wanna be on time" he rolled his eyes a grabbed my hand an lead my up to were I needed to be.i sighed as the court started "Ms.smith you are charged with killing an attempting suicide after the fact an for having drugs in your possession" I sighed a didn't deny it how could I when I knew what happened that night dark cold feels. "Yes sir I did have the drugs in my room but I did not kill my own sister" I felt as if someone poured cold water of sadness on to my skin as I sat there. 2 hours later I was found not guilty as I walked outta that courtroom I felt as if I should have never been there to see if she was okay an not realizing i screamed "I GAVE HER I ALL AN SHE DIED ON MY WATCH" hot tears streamed down my face my knees buckled I feel to the ground my knees digging into the tar. but I didn't care I wanted her back right now. that night I laided in my bed wishing I could find my sister bring her back I never killed her I saw that dick kill her fucking bitch of an ex. fuck I just wanna go home I don't wanna live alone anymore I just wanna go home to where I can smile an laugh and I snapped back to reality a saw I was holding a knife.

I guess we all die someday an for me that day was today. I snuck upstairs an cleaned the knife an put gloves on an walked upstairs an let her ex-hold it then I walked outside an put gardening gloves on a cut my throat and I smiled as I watched the blood push out of the wound and I stabbed the knife into my chest an watched as slowly but surely my heart stopped.the next morning my mother walked over to my house an saw me dead in the garden a Brandon crying as he pushed inside an called the cops as my mother pushed my long blonde hair outta my face an for the last time she kissed my forehead.

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1 Nov, 2018
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2 mins
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