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In Plain Sigh But To Far Out Of Reach <3

In Plain Sigh But To Far Out Of Reach <3

By kitykity109

It was a nice fall day when they first met. When she looked at him she felt as though no one else was there and she just wanted to be with him. She didn't know that he had the same feelings.

The girl had a sad past though. She had been hurt by her family over and over, the boyfriend she was with, she didn't trust because he cheated on her, and she couldn't keep friends because they would push her away. But as she stood there next to him and all their friends she felt she could trust him. Or at least that was how she felt at the time. It entered the end of October and they were talking on the phone texting and just being friends his feelings for her were growing stronger and her feelings for him were fading slowly. He could tell that there was something going on and he didn't want to lose her because he felt that he could never find anyone like her ever again, he always felt close to her. During Thanksgiving he invited her over to meet the family so they could get to know her and she didn't really want to take the steps that far as to meet them. But it made him happy so she went.

Later that night when he was taking her home they stopped at the park and started talking. He decided to ask her out. The answer was disappointing and he told her to get out of the car and walk the rest of the way home. They were only a block from her house so she wasn't to worried about it.

But he was and didn't want anyone to know. It was cold out and she was only wearing a skirt, a black tank top, and a light black jacket. She decided to walk though the park instead of going home. The girl didn't mean to hurt him but it's not possible for her to have a relationship. She was sick. But she knew that she hurt him. She walked to the information stop in the park and asked the guy at the desk for pen and paper. He just looked at her in shock that a young girl like her was dressed like that at this late hour on a cold night. He gave her the items and told her she should get her skinny legs home before she freezes. Once again she didn't listen.

She sat under one of the lights and started writing to him. "I'm sorry for what I have done. My intensions were not to hurt you but to not break you, for what is about to happen. I wish I could be with you I really do. I love you. Things are in plain sight but far out of reach." She put the note in her pocket and finally decided that she should go home before her parents start to worry about her. Even though it was to late. The called the police and they went to the house of the boy when he answered the door and they told him what had happened, he didn't hesitate to get his keys and drive to the park. When he got there he seen nothing so he walked up to the information box and asked the guy if he had seen a girl walking around. His answer was yes and he pointed in the direction that he had last seen her. He followed the path calling for her, looking for her. But she never turned up.

He finally decided to stop and sit on one of the benches for a little to catch his breath a little. When he looked down at the ground he seen a little black pen. He turned around just because he felt that he had to. And there she lay. Lifelessly. Without hesitation he jumped over the bench and ran to her side. And found no life left in her cold body. And he started to cry. He seen a little piece of paper sticking out of her pocket and decided to see what it was. When he read it, he felt as if he had died as well and he wanted to after what he had done. And he called 911 and her parents. Heartbroken at what had happened. He lay there next to her body waiting for the ambulance to show up. And he even covered her legs with his jacket.

A few weeks later the family had the funeral set up. When he got to the funeral, It reminded him of that night and that he knew that she didn't want to meet his family but she did anyways and that she was still happy to be there with them. But he still cried at what he had done to her. He believed that he could never feel the same.

By her side was a note for everyone to see that read "In Plain Sight But To Far Out Of Reach"

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4 Feb, 2011
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4 mins
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