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In Sickness

This story has some quality issues

In Sickness

By gurujyot

He was sleeping in sickness on his comfortable bed. When he started dreaming and saw himself in the night in a jungle full of crooked and dry trees. He was sitting on his bed tiredly and sleepy, when he suddenly saw something shining under his bed. He got up and saw it carefully it came near and near when he suddenly heard a a big scorpion coming towards it . He took a last glance towards the shining thing an thought it to be a fairy or something and then started running away from there more scorpion s joined him and then he saw a man with swords in front of him, at first he thought that he was going to kill him but he started killing the scorpions instead, he was looking at the fight of the scorpions and the man when somebody took hold of his hand he saw that it was the fairy but also his wife till this time the man was defeated and all the scorpions formed a ghost who floated in the air with a long overcoat, his wife started running with him till they came to the dead end and the ghost came just behind them. His wife kissed him and then the ghost just touched the man and he passed away. And then really his wife was kissing him crying ant doctor wrote the time on the death certificate and then went away.


Author Notes: Am inspired by the CGI world gold medal short story 'In Sickness' by the animation school.Any viewers who like this story can see it's video on youtube. Thank you


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28 May, 2017
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