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In the basement

In the basement

By resie - 1 Review

I always heard loud sounds in my basement. I was always curious of what it was. Some nights it would be loud. Some nights I would hear nothing at all. So one night I ask my parents what it could be. My father said I was just hearing things. My mom said it could be the neighbors next door.I didn't believe them, so I'm going found out tonight. When I finish eating I went up to my room to make my parents think I was going to sleep. A couple of hours later my house was finally quite. I got out my bed and creep into the hallway so my parents wouldn't hear me. I creep down the steps making sure not to step squeaky floor boards. I went into the kitchen and a grab a flashlight. I went to my basement door and open it slowly. I heard the noises again as i slowly open the door. I creep down the basement steps missing the squeaky floors boards again.I turn my flashlight on and look around. I saw nothing accept darkness. I look around for about five minutes and didn't find nothing. So I decided to go back to bed. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Was I having a heart attack. I grab my chest I felt something wet. I look at it and it was blood. As I turned around I saw a man climb out through my basement window dropping his knife. My vision began to blur, my chest didn't hurt as much, but the blood didn't stop pouring from my chest as I finally saw darkness.

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6 Apr, 2011
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