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In The Dark

In The Dark

By DreamyDesiraerae

She heard the noise first. Her baby was asleep in the cradle next to her bed, her ill mother in the room next door. She was alone, her husband got killed two weeks ago.
Ever since he was shot, she'd been hearing sounds. She always thought it was just her imganation.
She heard it again... A car door? A wistle? A honk? A scream? It was hard to understand what was going on outside under the baby, Mariah's cry. She crawled to the baby's cradle, afraid for her life.
Her door creaked, her mother limped in. "Ilene, hwat's going on out there?" Sje said loud enough to be heard outside. She walked right by the window. Someone was out there. Sudden;y, a loud sound went off, the glass broke, and a bullet just missed her mother limping to Ilene laying on the floor with Mariah, who was being shut up with a pacifier.
It went off agian, and again. "Oh my God! Mom...?" Ilene asked, remembering something important.
"Rick... Rick! He's asleep in his room downstairs. The door down there was unlocked."
Rick was only four, Ilene's first child.
Then, Rick screamed. A gun shot went off, and the screaming stopped.
A tear streamed down Ilene's face. Rick was gone, and there in the house.
"Ma, there's a phone under my bed, please just reach under there and grab it."
She pulled out a phone. Ilene dialed 911, with trembling fingers.
"911, What's your emergancy?" "Someone is in my house, they killed my 4 year old son!"
"Okay, stay on the line, help will be right there."
"Oh My God, please hurry. Please?!"
"Maim, calm down. Are you alone?
"No. My sick mother, and my baby."
She didn't respond, so they sat in silence. Fiannaly, the sirens where heard and the lights where seen through the window. Mariah screamed, and then 2 men ran through the door with a gun up. They shot.
Ilene's mom fell on the ground, gushing blood.

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8 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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