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In The Swamp
In The Swamp

In The Swamp

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson

Zoey laughed as Jake splashed water in her face, causing her long black hair to stick up in an odd angle. She quickly threw a clump of mushy moss at Jake but it flew past him and knocked Bree’s fishing pole out of her hands.

“Will you quit that?!” said Bree, her wavy white hair swishing as she picked up her pole.

“Oops, sorry,” said Zoey. “We can go farther, so we don't bother you.”

“That will be fine,” said Aunt Nina nodded, then glared at Jake. “ And don't you get into any trouble, we don't need you to break anything.”

“I won't,” he said, though his almond colored eyes said otherwise. “That would be too dramatic, besides I need my arms to play the tuba.”

Zoey rolled her green eyes, half laughing, and Bree just glared, “You don't play the tuba.” she pointed out.

Zoey and Jake ran off further into the swamp laughing.

After a while the sky started turning gray, the tide was becoming stronger, and the water was becoming higher.

“We should head back.” Said Zoey, as she helped Jake get the moss out of his strawberry blonde hair.

“Why?” asked Jake.

Suddenly it started raining in hard thick sheets.

“Oh.” Jake nodded. The tides got stronger and stronger and ln minutes the water was taller than Zoey could reach.

“I can barely reach!” she cried, clinging to Jake who was much taller than her and could reach the bottom.

“Let's find Bree and Aunt Nina!” yelled Jake over the sudden noise of the rushing water.

“There over there!” cried Zoey, seeing them through the bushes on the side of the stream.

“Zoey! Jake! Where are you?!” The voice was Bree’s but barely audible over the crashing waves.

“Over Here!” Yelled Jake. hoping she could hear him over the rain. But he never found out.

“Jake! Look!” cried Zoey, pure terror in her voice.

Jake barely had a chance to look at the huge wave, when it crashed over them. There was a moment of struggle as Jake squirmed in the water. Rock and sticks bashed against him. He felt an especially big something hit him. He blacked out for a moment and then his head was above water. With all his might Jake pulled himself out of the water gasping deeply. His ribs were burning, and his vision was blurry. He turned and saw Zoey struggling to get to land too. A huge log hit into Zoey and sent her deeper underwater.

“Zoey!” Jake yelled, look everywhere for her. For a moment he thought she was gone forever, but then saw her pink t-shirt underneath the surface of the water. He leaped into the water grabbing Zoey by her arm.

Gripping her around the waist, Jake dragged Zoey out of the water. It was a Struggle and the hardest thing he had ever done.

Finally, they were on land. Zoey was Unconscious but breathing. Jake sighed with relief, she was okay! The water around them was lowering to the height it was originally.

Jake looked around him as he heard someone call his name. Everything was blurry, his sight, his hearing, he was also having a hard time locating a throbbing pain he was feeling. Out of exoshion, he passed out.

Author Notes: I wrote this about a year ago for school and I was brand new at writing. So sorry if there's a ton of typos and stuff.

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About The Author
Dari Poulson
About This Story
3 Jan, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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