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In the Wake of Hope

In the Wake of Hope

By superman21 - 1 Review

A man confined to the chair for years sits by the window. He is confined because the day he lost his wife and son in the car crash he lost all movement as well. So years pass and doctors continue to tell the man that he will never walk again yet alone move again. The man is destroyed in everyway possible. So as the confined man sits by the window everyday for years he is asked again and again why he sits by the window and his answer is "Hope is just beyond my reach". This leaves everyone puzzled except for the man. As everyone stares out the window, they see the open field with the lone tree in the foreground. The man, sees hope. He sees his wife with his sons hand in hers. She is waving the man over as to join them again. And everyday, for years the man silently cries inside and for years continues to rebuild hope on indestructible foundations. One day the man looks out the window and no longer sees his wife and child. He knows now they might be gone and now is the time. The man slowly lifts his hands. Then his arms follow suit. The man will now stand.

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17 Nov, 2014
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1 min
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