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By Amanda

It's like you're lost in a cave. You don't even know, don't even remember how you got in so deep. You've been walking for so long, and it's so dark and everything hurts. Every corner looks the same, and you're just so tired. With no end in sight, you know it would be so much easier just to give up.

Every so often, you'll feel a rush of cool air, you must be nearing an exit; you remember why you're fighting. You follow that feeling, you try to hold onto it. You follow the gust of air, it must be coming from the other side. You follow it, exhausting the last of your energy, knowing that your time being lost must be coming to an end. You continue; your feet bleeding, your body aching. You believe that you will feel better soon if only you can make it there. You turn the last corner, the fresh air stronger than it's ever been, and you come face-to-face with the exit; only to realize that there's been a cave-in, and thousands of heavy rocks are blocking your path to freedom.

You break down, fighting to live for so long has been for nothing. Fighting for life has been pointless. There's no end in sight. So you give up; you wait for the end. You lie yourself down and imagine that no one has ever felt this way before. So, you wait for death. You hope that you'll just never wake up.

But you do wake up. You wake up and are faced with a wall of rocks stacked up to the ceiling, and you imagine how much work is left for you to do before you can get out of this darkness and it feels hopeless.

And then you see it. The tiniest ray of light peeking through the rocks. You see it. The tiniest ray of hope peeking through, creating shadows through all of the darkness. You see it.

You start to dig. Re-energized by the light, knowing that you'll soon be freed of this torture, you'll soon be found- you dig. You can almost feel the heat of the light on your skin, so you continue, and you can almost imagine being freed from this prison; so you dig.

But as you move one rock, another one falls into its place. And soon a pattern begins. As you move rock, after rock, the light coming and going, your hands bleeding, your muscles aching, you wonder when this will end. How much more do you have to endure before you can feel the sunlight on your face? How much longer do you have to sit in the darkness before the monsters created from the shadows are a thing of the past? How long before someone notices that you're gone? How long before someone comes looking for you? Will anyone notice? Will anyone come? Will this feeling ever truly end? Or am I trapped here forever?

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21 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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