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innocent little girl

innocent little girl

By Fallingtears

I stood there when i was 4 at my nans screen door. i watched my mum and dad yell at each other, the hatred in there eyes was unbelievable. All i could hear was yelling and screaming i didn't wanna move what if he hurt my mum again. i have seen it to many times he would just lash out at her and start punching her and every time she would always try and fight back but he just over powered her. i have seen him hurt her to many times and he just didn't care. the alcohol would just take over his body and mind.
At the age of 4 i wanted to die or just run away. i felt like i was insane all i would hear at night in my head was them fighting yelling i could never get away from it and that split second out the front of my nans when i saw my dad pull his gun out and hold it to my mums head i just blocked everything out i froze my mind stopped working i didn't know what to think. she was telling him to do it i was standing there watching. i felt tears pour down my cheeks, what i would i do without my mum at the age of 4 she was my everything i couldn't live without her.
The gutless man i so call my father didn't pull the trigger. I still hate him till this day he had scared me forever the impact everything had on me was major i will never forgive him until he admits what he done wrong back then.

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3 Apr, 2011
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