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Innocent Loss

Innocent Loss

By Jen_Chen

All was well.

A pair of golden-yellow eyes flashed open, their pupils dilated. Amidst the darkest, murkiest depths of the vast ocean, something stirred. Shifting an ancient tentacle, the creature glanced around, returning to reality after a centuries-long slumber. Yet he was waiting, always waiting, marking his time for an opportunity to arise.

A young girl with bright eyes ran along the seaside, revelling in the soft caress of the golden sand beneath her bare feet. Flying her purple homemade kite high in the air, she laughs, living a carefree and naive life devoid of darkness and stress. Her chestnut brown hair drifted in the gentle ocean breeze, gleaming under the rays of golden sunlight as they reached out to stroke it.

Biding his time, the creature longs for the past, for times long gone by, but a fear of detection had precluded him for so long, from doing what he wanted, no, needed to do. In the past, his carelessness had led humans to occasionally snatch a glance of him, rising out of the water, but he knew better now. Rumours spread like wildfire, and if a picture was taken then all was lost. So the creature remained hidden, concealed under the safe, comforting blanket of water that surrounded him.

Ruffling in the gentle ocean breeze, the frilly lemon sundress suited perfectly the girl with the bright eyes. Tiring from running around, she takes down her kite, and kneels on the beach scrounging in the sand for pretty seashells, meticulously arranging them to form her name. LUCY. Totally engrossed in her work, she was oblivious to what lay behind her in the blue jewel of a sea.

Finally glimpsing his chance, the creature roused from his thoughts and spurred into action. His target: the girl with the bright eyes. His opportunity had arisen, and the time had come at last.

Suddenly, a piercing scream sliced through the tranquil morning air, as a slippery black tentacle whipped out from within the azure sea and coiled itself around the girl’s ankle. Struggling in vain, she attempts to run, to escape, but the black coil around her ankle pulls her to the ground. Clawing desperately at the sand, the young girl tries to find something to hold onto, something to detain her from slipping into the great sapphire abyss. But her struggles were fruitless, as the might of the creature overpowered her, and dragged her into the waiting arms of the ocean. Bubbles float to the surface of the water; the girl with the bright eyes is no more.

Contented at last, the monster settled himself down for another long wait, his hunger finally sated.

In the distance, someone looked up after hearing a soft echo of a scream. That someone thought she must be hearing things, and went back to cooking her family’s next meal: Spaghetti Bolognese. It was her daughter’s favourite dish. She set the steaming plate of pasta on the table, ready for Lucy’s return.

All is well.

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About This Story
5 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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