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Innocent Rose
Innocent Rose

Innocent Rose


Chapter one

How a Heart Breaks

I’ve never been able to love somebody. Mom says it’s because my dad was a failure at love and that I inherited it from him. But the truth is, love doesn’t exist in my world. It all started on April 6th of last year. I had just turned seventeen and my sister London had just turned eighteen. My mom and dad were fighting again. London and I were used to it by now and just went to our room and tried to ignore them as their screaming voices crept under the closed door like smoke.

“Seraphine, they're fighting again.” London said. She looked at herself in the mirror and tugged her long, blonde hair into a loose ponytail. She gave herself one more once over before turning to me, her green eyes filled with anguish.

“Ignore them,” I said, turning away from her. I hate seeing her like this, it makes my chest squeeze and fills me with the need to do something to help her out, “Come on. Let’s get ready to go.”

“Who’s gonna pick us up tonight?” London asked, looking back at the mirror and dabbing on some lip gloss. She was used to the routine by now. Almost every night we would sneak out and go to some blow out party. It’s not really my thing but my friends go so they make me. London has always been the social butterfly while I like to live low and under the radar.

“West is going to. She probably won’t be taking us back though we’ll have to wait and see, you know how she hates parties.” I said, tugging a red dress over my head, “Throw me that brush will ya?”

London tossed me the hair brush on our dresser and went over to our shared closet.

“What do you think about this dress?” She asked, turning towards me with a olive green dress held up to her. She smiled at me, flashing her perfectly straight teeth and waited for my approval.

“It’s nice. Compliments your eyes.” I muttered, a lipstick poised before my lips. I took in my reflection; my dirty blonde hair was hanging in loose spirals down my back and my black, hipster type glasses were falling down my nose. I pushed my glasses up and put the lipstick down, going with the lipgloss instead. I quickly coated my eyes with a gold eyeshadow, grabbed my purse and jacket and waited by the window for London.

“Come on. West won’t wait forever you know.” I said, checking my watch and tapping my foot against the white window ledge.

“I’m coming.” London said from inside the closet, she came out decked in a green ankle length dress and black strappy heels, her blonde hair already coming loose from it’s ponytail . We quietly climbed out the window one at a time, being careful not to step on the rose bushes our mother planted outside our window. Once outside, we raced across the backyard and down the street in search of West’s black car. About half way down the street we spotted it and slowed our pace.

“Took you both long enough.” West grumbled as we climbed into her car. It was warm and smelled of leather, a homey type of feeling washed over me but quickly faded when West set her glare on me.

“Sorry West.” I mumbled, grabbing my seatbelt and clicking it in place. I looked out the window as West pulled away from the curb. The whole car was silent. After about twenty agonizing minutes with nothing but silence, I decided to say something.

“Are you guys ready for this party?” I asked, glancing between my sister and best friend. Both of which continued to ignore my existence. I sighed, giving up on conversation as West pulled into the driveway.

“Who’s house is this? I thought you said Tyler was throwing the party.” London said, fury setting over her beautiful face. I just laughed and got out of the car, waiting until West had driven off before answering London.

“Her name is Elodie but everybody at school calls her Ell.” I whisper as we make our way up the steps, “And don’t worry. Your fiance is here. I made sure Tyler and Caspian brought him along.”

“Okay.” London said, visibly relaxing at the mention of her fiance, Edward. They have been together for almost a year now and are getting married next month. West and her boyfriend Ben have been together for a few months and Tyler and Caspian have been together for a year now. I shake off the thought of my sisters and friends successful relationships and knock on the door. When no one answers, I knock again. After my third time of knocking I just walk inside.

The house was packed of people. Almost everybody was dancing and those who weren’t dancing were off getting refreshments. I stayed next to London long enough to make sure she found somebody she knew before setting off on my own in search of my group of friends. It took me almost five minutes just to push through the crowd of people on the dance floor. Knowing my friends, they were either at the refreshments or in the kitchen. I had already checked the refreshments stand so my next guess was the kitchen. Sure enough, there they were. I laughed when I saw them sitting at the table and stuffing their mouths with pizza.

“Guys come on. Be civilized for once.” I said, going over to sit down by them. I laughed when Tyler stuck his tongue out at me.

“You be civilized.” Caspian retorted, giving me his death stare. I just laughed. With his black hair, blue eyes, and charming looks he could never pull off a death stare.

“Hey Zara. What’s the latest news with the tests you were running?” I asked, going to sit by my long term best friend. We have been friends since the second grade. She had her short blonde hair pulled back into a clip, exposing the back of her yellow dress and her emerald eyes were flashing between several papers.

“Fine.” She responded, jotting down some notes and putting them all in a folder. She worked in the chemistry lab and sometimes had to bring her work with her, “Fine. Sorry. I just had some notes to finish up for Dr. Williams.”

“It’s okay. Just enjoy yourself, alright?” I said, getting up and patting her on the shoulder. I went over to the fridge and grabbed some water, leaning against the fridge and watching my friends goof around. Tyler was trying to convince Zara to let him braid her hair. Caspian was sitting behind Tyler, playing with his short red hair and whenever Tyler looked at him, he would poke his glasses and kiss his cheek. I laughed watching them. Man, am I lucky to have them as friends or what? I thought to myself, feeling a sharp pain in my chest. If my family doesn’t want me, I’ll make my own.


A few hours later, London and I were on our way home. West never came back to pick us up so we hitched a ride with Zara. She blasted music the whole ride while London and I gave her disapproving looks.

“Do you have to have the volume up so loud?” London demanded, giving Zara a glare. Zara just rolled her eyes and turned it down.

“Thanks.” London said, leaning her head on the back of her seat and shutting her eyes. After a couple of minutes, we heard her light snores fill the car.

“Seraphine?” Zara said, glancing over at me with an expression I couldn’t read.

“Hmm?” I ask, looking at her as she bites her lip, something she only does when she’s nervous.

“You know that tree house your dad has been working on? The one he said we could all live in?” I nod at her and she sighs. My dad has been building a treehouse for my friends and I to live for the past year. The only thing left to do was move everybody’s stuff in. Once we all were old enough to move out, we would go live there.

“Well. Are you sure it’s safe there? I mean, your dad built it so he knows where it is. And well, with his drinking habit..” Zara trailed off and glanced at me, taking in my reaction.

“Don’t worry Zara. I already bought some locks in order to keep him out.” I patted Zara’s shoulder and she visibly relaxed at my words. We spent the rest of the drive home in silence.

“Hey Lon. Wake up. We’re home.” I said, shaking my sister until she came out of her coma like slumber. She groaned and got out of the seat, I waved goodbye to Zara and we made our way inside.

“Sera?” London asked. She was lying on her bed in the pitch black of our room. We usually have late night talks before we go to bed. Some of the topics we choose are deep and some aren’t, but based off of London’s voice, I have a feeling that tonight will be a deep conversation. I picked at the strings on my onesie and waited for my voice to come back to me.

“Yeah, Lon. What’s up?” I ask, rolling over to face her bed, even though I can’t see anything it still fills me with a sense of comfort to know if I need anything she is there.

“What do you think about love?” Came her soft voice from the pit of darkness.

“Love?” I ask, feeling my throat tighten as the word makes its way up.

“Yeah. What do you think about it? Do you believe in it?”

“Um. Love is.. Love is.. Well..” I stutter, I try to get a barring on my thoughts but they are all jumbled together and refuse to make any sense.

“Sera, come on. It’s just a question.” London said, her voice holding a hint of anger.

“Okay. Okay. Fine.” I say, knowing I’m just stalling. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to answer her question, it's that I don’t know how.

“Seraphine.” London says, clearly losing her cool.

“Fine. Love doesn’t exist for me, Lon. I have never experienced love and frankly, I hope I never do. You’ve seen what love did to mom and dad. Now, all they ever do is fight. Dad comes home drunk all the time and then we have to endure his screaming. Mom always cowers from him instead of just throwing him out. Lon, love isn’t relevant in my life. I don’t need it to be happy.”


“Stop. Please, I’m fine. You just asked and I wanted to answer the best way I could, I’m sorry if I upset you.” I said, running a hand over my face and coming back with tears.

“Do you really feel that way? Do you really think love doesn’t exist?”

“I don’t know what I think Lon. If love does exist then I hope I’m not one of the people to experience it. In my world, you either go through life pretending you care then getting to attached and ending up broken.”

“What about Zara? What about West, Tyler, and Caspian? Don’t you care about them? What about me?”

“Of course I care about you guys. You have all proven to me that you won’t leave me. I have known all my friends since we were very little and London, you’re my sister. I just meant that I refuse to fall in love with somebody who hasn’t been in my life forever. I refuse to fall in love with anybody. Period. Because one minute you are the happiest person on earth and you feel like you are being lifted onto a cloud and floating into the sky. Then the next, your cloud starts raining and you start sinking.” My voice broke towards the end and the tears were coming faster now.

“But I love Edward.” London said, her voice so quiet I had to strain in order to hear her.

“I know. Gosh, I’m sorry Lon. I didn’t mean to change your point of view.”

“No, it’s okay. I asked.” London said, shifting in her bed, “Good night, Sera.”

“Night.” I responded, rolling over and closing my eyes. I tried to shut out the loneliness that was surrounding me but I couldn’t. It was all to much. I have never told anybody my view on love before, I just assumed everybody knew. And not only could I not get rid of the loneliness, I also couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I have already felt love for somebody. The only problem is, I can’t remember who.


Chapter two



For the past couple months, I have been having nightmares about this boy. A boy who in a sense, becomes important to me, though I have never met him. I call them nightmares because in it, I catch extreme feelings for the boy. He never once told me his name but he seemed to know mine. The first dream I ever had of him, we were sitting together on the porch swing in front of my house. I was playing with his blonde hair and looking into his smiling blue eyes when he leaned in and kissed me. The dream ended there.

The next couple of dreams I had were a little more intense -and terrifying- It always starts off the same. Us sitting on the porch swing and me playing with his hair. It seems like the more dreams I have of him, the more information I get. In the most recent dream I have had, we started off as we always do but this time something changed, he went to kiss me but before his lips touched mine, a man came and pulled him off the swing by his hair. I never once got a good look at the man, but he was very rough with the boy. He dragged him down the steps by his hair and threw him into the yard. The whole while, the boy was screaming for me to help him, but I was just sat there frozen. I would always awake from these nightmares with a scare, covered in sweat and shaking.


“Hey, you okay? You seem a little shaken.” Tyler asked me on our way to school. We made a habit out of getting our little group together before we head to school. Tyler lives right down the road from me and London so I go and get him first. We were right in front of Caspian’s door when I answered Tyler,

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I say, forcing a smile. I knock on Caspian’s door and he comes out with his hair sticking up and a poptart sticking out of his mouth. Tyler and I laugh and Caspian takes the poptart and throws it at us, grinning.

“Come on guys. Let’s get Zara and West.” I said. Zara and West lived together because Zara’s parents disowned her for being gay. We all live in the same neighborhood so it didn’t take us long to reach their house. I quickly hop up the stairs and knock the door. Almost immediately, the two girls come running out, meeting us on the sidewalk.

“Where’s London?” West asked, as she took up the same pace as us.

“She hitched a ride with her boyfriend.” I responded, cooly.

“Okay,” Zara said, “Well let’s hope today goes well.”


At school, I couldn’t shake the nightmare I had the other night. It kept flooding back into my mind and soon enough, I was drawing the boy. I drew his perfect blonde hair. His deep blue eyes. I enhanced the beauty of his face. Once I was done, I hid the drawing in the back of my notebook.

“Seraphine? What are you doing?” Mrs. Brammen asked, she was my history teacher and was always looking for something to yell about. Her green hawk like eyes followed every students moves.

“Just taking notes.” I said, holding up a piece of paper with a few rushed notes on it. Mrs. Brammen talked so fast, you were lucky to get anything written down.

“Hmm.” She grunted, going back to her desk. I sighed in relief which quickly turned to dread as I remembered that Zara and Tyler were sitting right behind me. I turned around and they both gave me puzzled looks before turning back to their phones. I turned back around in my seat and squeezed my eyes shut. They might not have seen it. They might not have seen it. I repeated to myself over and over again, losing myself in the mantra only for the spell to be broken by the shrill sound of the bell.

“What was that?” Tyler asked as we exited the history wing and headed to the cafeteria. Since we were Juniors we were allowed to go to any coffee shop or fast food place around the school. We usually just went to the cafeteria to get the rest of the gang. Zara had already raced ahead of us to find the group.

“What was what?” I asked, avoiding his gaze.

“You know what. That picture you were drawing. Who was that, Seraphine?” Tyler demanded, he stopped in front of me and I cursed myself for the hundredth time for being so careless.

“It was just somebody I know.” I responded lamley.

“Right, sure. Seraphine, the only friends you have are me, West, Zara, and Caspian! I know he’s not somebody you know so spill.” Tyler said, exasperated.

“Fine. But later.” I said, pushing past him and into the cafeteria. Tyler scowled at me but didn’t push the matter further.

“Hey guys, you ready?”I asked the group. They were sitting along the far wall, ignoring all the people around them. They were intensely staring at Zara as she told them a story.

“-And then I met her!” Zara was saying as Tyler and I got closer.

“Met who?” I asked, sitting next to them, Zara blushed and bit her lip.

“Kyla Parker. She’s my girlfriend!” Zara said, excitement clear in her voice.

“Zara that’s great! I’m so happy for you!” I said, hugging her as she grinned.

“When do we get to meet her?” Tyler asked, “We have to make sure she passes the test.” Zara rolled her eyes and got up from the floor.

“She’s meeting us at the cafe.” And with that we were on our way. On our drive there, Zara was very hesitant and nervous.

“Hey, hon what’s wrong?” I asked, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“Well. I left just a little bit out when I told you about meeting her.” Zara said, she was fidgeting with the rings on her fingers.

“What’s that?” I asked. The rest of the group was already inside of the cafe but Zara and I stayed outside to talk for a moment.

“She’s bringing one of her friends. Her name is Nicky. Kyla said something about Nicky’s siblings being there but I’m not sure. The point is, I want you to meet somebody today.” Zara said, when I started to shake my head she stopped me, “Look, I know it’s hard but you have been lonely for way to long. You haven’t been with anybody since..” She trailed off and I looked away. We both knew where this was leading and I didn’t want to get into it right now, so I made her a promise that I knew I would regret.

“Fine. Whatever. I promise I will try to meet somebody.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted it.

“Oh thank you! Thank you! You’re the best, Seraphine!” Zara exclaimed. She threw her arms around me and pulled me in for a big hug before going inside. I took a few deep breaths and followed her. As soon as we got inside, we were overcome with the smell of fresh coffee.

“Hey! Over here!” Tyler yelled from his place at a table. There were two girls sitting next to him that I have never seen before. I examined them before going to join them. One had long black hair that was twisted into a braid. She had huge green eyes framed by thick glasses. The other girl had short black hair to her shoulders. She also had huge green eyes but hers were coated with a thin line of eyeliner.

“Oh that’s Kyla and Nicky!” Zara said, she ran over to join them and I followed. Once we got there, I set my things down and went to by a coffee. I pushed through the crowd of people around me and automatically bumped into somebody, spilling their coffee all over my shirt.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, before looking up into a pair of crystal blue eyes.

“Oh. Sorry about that. Here let me help you clean up.” He said. His ocean eyes swept over the place for some napkins but couldn’t find any.

“Uh. I have a towel in my car.” I said, snapping out of my daze. I went to run out the door but the stranger grabbed my hand to stop me. I looked up into his eyes, taking in his short, messy black hair and rugged black shirt, all the way down to his ripped jeans and high tops. I looked back up before he caught me staring but he was doing the same to me. I quickly looked down to make sure I wasn’t wearing anything odd and sighed in relief. I was wearing a cute cropped hoodie and my favorite pair of ripped leggings, although my blue converse looked a little out of place. I chewed on the end of my crystal necklace.

“Let me help you.” The stranger said. All I could do was nod in return and we headed out the door together and went to my car. I reached into the trunk and pulled out a blue towel and an extra shirt. As I was doing that, a bracelet fell out. The man picked it up and handed it to me but as I reached for it he put it on my wrist instead.

“Thanks.” I mumbled, licking the lip ring I had. I got it on my fifteenth birthday and I change it up everyday. Today I had a flower one.

“Yeah. It’s very pretty but also seems like it has a story behind it.” He said, gazing at me so intensely that I had to take a step back.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, giving him an odd look. He just laughed.

“Well, it was four very unique beads on it and if you bought it at a store, the beads would be perfectly circular but these aren’t. Then there is the rope holding it together. It looks pretty worn out, as though you have had it for a while and based off of the look on your face when I held it, I would say it means a lot to you.”

“Wow.” I said. I was stunned, this complete stranger seems to know more about me then even my friends do.

“Oh. How rude of me.” He said, a smirk on his face, “My name is Ashton Wintergrove but you can call me Ash.” He flashed me a smile and when I saw that smile, I was transported back into my dreams. Sitting on the porch swing. Playing with a boys hair. Him smiling at me. Then everything went black and I was falling towards the ground.


Chapter three


When I wake up, I don’t know where I was. I sat up quickly and looked around the room I was in, sighing in relief as I realized it was Zara and West’s room. I stood up and stretched my sore body, then I walked into the living room in search of my friends.

“Guys?” I called, my voice echoing back at me a million times.

“In here!” I heard West call from the kitchen, I sighed and headed in. West was digging in the fridge and Zara was sitting at the table doing lab experiments.

“What happened?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. I went to the counter to get some coffee then sat down next to Zara.

“Well I don’t know everything that happened but here’s the gist; some really cute guy spilled coffee on you and that same cute guy followed you outside to help you clean up. After that, the cute guy came in and told us you fainted. So, West and I brought you here, figuring you wouldn’t want to go home and face your dad.” Zara was staring at me with her huge green eyes and I knew what she was expecting. She wants me to say that I have fallen hopelessly in love with a complete stranger.

“It’s not what it looks like.” I said, taking a sip of my coffee and ignoring West and Zara’s penetrating gazes.

“Come on, Seraphine! Something must have happened for you to have fainted!” Zara cried, I just sighed. Zara is a helpless romantic and always tries to find a way to tie reality into a fiction. Knowing this, I told her something with the hopes of getting her to drop the subject.

“Fine! Yes, whatever. I felt something okay?” I said, turning away and putting my cup in the sink.

“Oh that’s great!” West said, she was leaning against the counter and her voice dripped sarcasm like acid. I immediately knew what she meant and glared at Zara.

“What did you do?” I demanded, going to stand by West. Both of us watched at Zara bit her lip and played with her rings. I started to grow impatient and bit down on my lip to keep from yelling at her.

“I might have given him your number.” She said, rushing the words out as though that would calm the uproar of anger.

“You did what?!” I gasped, I had to grab onto the counter ledge for support as my vision blurred. I touched my cheek gently and found it wet with angry tears.

“I’m sorry Sera. I just wanted to make you happy and I know that you have been pretty lonely lately and you needed to meet somebody.” Zara explained, her eyes pleading with mine. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself before I answered her.

“I appreciate it, Zara. I do but I don’t need your help in meeting somebody.” I said, racking my fingers through my hair and pulling it up into a bun.

“Because you already have met somebody.” West said. I was about to interrupt when she put her hand on mine to stop me, “You and I both know that you are attracted to this guy. You just need to let yourself fall, Sera. Listen, I know it’s hard after all you have been through but you need to learn how to love again.”

I looked at Zara and West carefully, removing West’s hand from mine I said, “Fine. I’ll give this guy a chance, but only to make you two happy.” West and Zara squealed in delight before sending me back home.

On my way back home I kept thinking, Please don’t get attached. He’s not worth it. Nobody is worth the pain it will cause. Over and over again. I switched on my music before I got inside in order to drown out my dad’s yelling. I slipped through the door, trying hard not to be noticed before sprinting up the stairs to my room. I sigh in relief and throw myself on my bed. I lay there listening to music until my phone buzzed. At first I ignored it but it buzzed again. Groaning I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. There were two from a number I have never seen before.

Hey it’s me.

Aka Ashton.

I stared down at my phone a moment before replying with shaky fingers.

Hi, Ashton.

I sat back and waited for a reply and I didn’t have to wait long.

I’m going to call you now but don’t faint because of my voice.

I laughed. So he has a sense of humor. Two points for him. I thought to myself. I found myself longing for him to call. I fidgeted with my lip ring, growing impatient. A few seconds later, my phone rang and I picked I answered it so fast that I was even surprised by my speed.

“Hello?” I said, slightly out of breath as I put the phone to my ear.

“Hi, Seraphine.” Came Ashton’s musical voice.

“What do you want?” I asked, my voice sharper then intended.

“I want you you to meet up with me in, let’s say, an hour.” Ashton said, laughter on his tongue as he notices my foul mood.

“Why would I do that?” I asked, hating the way he laughed at me but also marveling in the tone.

“Because I want to see you.” He said. The words sent shivers down my spine and I frowned into the phone. My mom had always told me that to win a man over, you need to show you are the one in charge so I took a deep breath and did just that. I mentally put on a crown and set to work.

“Fine. You want to meet up with me?” I asked, forcing my tone to be hard and cold while inside it felt as though I was going to explode with joy and I hated myself for it. I shook my head as though I could make the feelings vanish but knowing it was no use. I’ll just have to ignore them. I’m not going to get attached to him. I’m not going to get attached to any one. I will not love him. I will not love any one. I thought to myself.

“Yes, I want you to meet up with me.” He said. I giggled when I realised he was only trying to humor me.

“Fine. Pick me up at 7:00. I’ll be out of the house by 7:30. Take me somewhere nice and it might win you some brownie points.”

“Wait-” Ashton started but I cut him off.

“See you then.” I said. I hung the phone up and glanced at the clock. It was 6:30. I had half an hour to get ready to meet up with him. I quickly ran to the mirror and combed out my ratted hair. I pulled it back into a french braid and threw a cropped sweatshirt over my head. I tugged on my favorite ripped jeans and my high tops then plopped back onto my bed. When London came in, I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

“Where you waiting for me?” She asked, coming over to sit next to me. She stared down at me and met my icy blue eyes with her flourishing green ones.

“Makeup.” I said, pulling myself up, “Do my makeup.” London laughed and went to the dresser to grab her makeup bag. She sat in front of me and coated my eyes with a little bit of black eyeshadow and smeared pink lipgloss on my lips.

“Thanks.” I groaned, throwing myself back down. London sat next to me and laughed.

“What’s going on with you?” She asked, waving one of my arms around, “You’re like a rag doll.”

“I feel like an idiot. I agreed to meet up with that boy from the cafe. You know, the one Zara and West told you about.” I said, waving my hands around in an attempt to show her how dreadful this whole situation was. I knew Zara and West would have told London everything about the fiasco from the coffee shop. They always mean well but sometimes they can be really overbearing and annoying.

“This is great! You can meet up with the cute guy and maybe get out of the depressing hole you have dug for yourself.” London said, winking at me as I groan and throw a pillow at her.

“I can’t do it. I’m calling him back and letting him know I can’t meet up with-” I picked up my phone and started to dial his number but London reached over and plucked it out of my hands.

“Just think about it before you do this.” London said, when I started to shake my head, she stopped me, “Come on Seraphine. Just meet up with him once. If you don’t like him, you never have to again. Deal?”

“Fine.” I said and she handed me back my phone.

“What time is he gonna be here?” London asked, going to the closest to try and find me an outfit for my ‘date’.

“7:00.” I sighed, going to the mirror and throwing my hair into a bun. London came out of the closet a second later with a short light blue dress and a pair of strappy black heels.

“I’m already dressed.” I grumbled.

“Wear this. It will win you some points and if things so go maybe he can take you to prom next week!” London said. I could tell she wasn’t taking no for an answer so I put it on.

“Stunning!” London said, pushing me onto the bed, “Now let’s curl your hair.” She got the curler out, ignoring my protests and soon enough I gave up and let her have her way.

“Amazing!” She said when she finished torturing me, “He’s totally gonna fall for you when he sees you in this.”

“I don’t think he’s gonna be the one falling.” I sighed, taking in the torture devices on my feet. I looked at the clock and groaned. It was 7:30 already. Just as I was about to get my jacket and purse I received a message.

I’m outside. ~Ashton

I smiled as I read the message and answered back.

On my way.

I grabbed my things and quietly snuck out the window, walking out front to Ashton’s car.

“Hey.” He said as I opened the door and sat down.

“Hi.” I said, taking in his casual attire. His car was pretty homey and smelled nice. Like a nice apple pie type of smell. I leaned back against the seat and tried to make myself comfortable as we sped down the road.

“Where are we going?” I asked as we stopped at a red light. Ashton had been messing with the radio but when I spoke he directed his attention to me.

“To a movie.” He said, flashing me a brilliant smile.

“Okay.” I said, returning the smile and leaned back as we sped off once more.



Author Notes: If there are any errors please let me know. Thank you.

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