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By Amyisblue

Theres a feeling in my chest that says"kill them all" one moment i blink and every one around me is dead.
I look at my hands there blood Covered my hands.
I felt alive soon a twisted smile apeared on my face i blinked again... this time I was covered in blood from
head to toe. My smile stayed on my face I can smell the blood..."what a lovely smell"I thought.
I needed to kill more "more...more..More..MORE" that was the only thing in my mind .
the time pased i have killed over 100,000,000 peopple.
My smile still stayed. I was going insane wasn't I. A foolish person walked up to me and challanged me to a dual.
My smile grew more twisted and creepy as i accepted. I killed him infront of his own faimly.
I was feared. I grew more insane when i was all alone.... no one was there i was by myself
One by one i tear off my finger nails hopping one for a wish... but i was given no wish.
As my blood was spilled i wanted more pain... more of my pain.... My pain no one elses.
I licked my lips. I started to cut my vains none of my blood would spill nor did it hurt.
Again i went insain. If im lucky enough i wont fade away but even so i will lose everything.
My life will fade so will all my memorys ...i will go insane untill there is no more
human left in me.
Even if i fight it , it will one day take over my body and i will be in troble.
Im losing faith, Im losing hope, I am losing my mind. A pain in my chest.
I fall to the ground crying... i fall asleep...I wake up in a hospital bed.
I was saved? I fall asleep again... years im ok .... soon i come to feel pain.
It drives me insain so i take a knife and point it were the pain is ... i stab my self as hard as i can.
On the floor im crying... A nurse walks in to find me dead.... Im Dispicable.

Author Notes: True

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About This Story
6 Jun, 2013
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1 min
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