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Insane Laughter.

Insane Laughter.

By angel

I look outside my office window watching the cars and people zip by like ants on a sidewalk going about their business like any regular day. Each rushing from street to street, light to light, building to car. Almost fooling me looking like robots under human skin programed to walk around focused on their own destination. My tired eyes find their way back to my stack of paper work reading the buzz of unhappy rules dancing across the page mocking me with a liveliness that I have not been allowed to contain in many days. My hair ratted up and my clothes un pressed I haven't gone home in days not even slept in weeks. I've been nothing but a zombie for the past 3 months coming to work but never going home until one of my friends begs me call it a night and head home. See... I have been suffering from nightmares my entire adult life at first I had no real problem with it... until they got..... worse.
They started becoming almost too real. I'd wake up in the middle of the night sometimes covered in blood I hope to god my own and not someone else's in a sweating haze on my basement floor looking up to see someone's lifeless body. The smell of iron and blood fill my nose and lungs making me cover my mouth my hands soaked in the blood... oh god it's still warm the sound of dripping fills the silent cold room from that lifeless body. Blood... everywhere, drawings on the wall, body bags stacked next to each other in the corner filled with only god knows what. Screaming in my head begging me to stop hurting them, to give mercy, if I let them go they wont tell the police, please I have kids, I'm not worth it...please!..... but what frightens me most is that out of all their pleading I hear myself... laughing. Enjoying every bit of life they have before I take it away with my own bare hands sending them into the lonest sleep they ever had.
The night approaches me slowly suddenly creeping onto land like a bug I look at the time.... 12:00 AM already? How long have I been here? When was the last time I looked up? Did I even eat today? I shake my head feeling heavy I look at my finished paper work I don't even remember reading half of the words on the paper. I leave everything as is picking up my coat heading for the building elevator passing the janitor biding him a goodnight. I press the button watching it light up around my figure I wait when I see someone enter the elevator with me I look down not catching their looks just the dirty floor. I watch the floor when I see blood oozing from my left side I turn slowly to see the stranger dangling from his neck by a chain blood oozing from his eye sockets. He has no eyes.... His skin pealed off only to be dressed back on being held in place by staples he mouth sealed shut by nails entering every which way to his mouth blood coughing out of his mouth.... I hear a low rhythm.... his heart.... he's still alive.... oh my god he's still alive! he starts screaming his voice muffled by his lips I watch in horror backing up into the wall. Suddenly hear the elevator ding opening its doors I take my eyes off him for a second suddenly seeing him back to normal giving me a funny look I take a deep breath.
I fiddle wit my keys to open my home door replying the scene in the elevator in my head cursing myself for seeing such things... I'm just tired.... that's all. Nothings wrong I just need sleep. I open my door to my house to be only greeted by darkness and the soft lingering smell of iron with a hint of my cologne. I shut my door locking it throwing my coat in a random direction shrugging off my shirt dragging my feet up the stairs. I kick off my shoes with my socks throwing myself into bed digging my face into my pillow feeling relaxed for the first time in weeks... Maybe I'm not crazy... Maybe just sleep deprived.
My body rages in chills snapping me awake at once I take a chilly breath in my eyes widen groggy and blurry. I try to sit up but my head spins making me jerk back down my back aching I lay back on the ground feeling someone warm and wet I take a deep breath my eyes start to focus on the ceiling lights. I scrunch my face pulling myself not letting my mind feel the pain in my body I sit up rubbing the back of my head my eyes are suddenly met by a horrid sight. A wall plastered in human skin stapled together each holding a face of it's own my stomach suddenly knots almost throwing up I over my mouth feeling something wet on my face. Looking at my hand seeing dark red liquid paint my hands and body... I slowly get up with a body dangling in front of me. Hi face is gone. No eyes he has no skin nails and staples in different parts of his body hanging tightly from a chain by the neck with a stake running deep into his head.
I'm ready to scream in horror when I hear a dark laugh.... I slowly get up looking around me seeing no one but the faces on the walls with no eyes being silenced by nails and stiches... When I hear a cold whisper.... Turn around..... I slowly turn to be met by a stained mirror my biggest horrors come true all at once. I see myself laughing washed over by blood and sweat...... Then and only then did I realize.... These nightmares.... weren't even really nightmares at all... They...... were real....

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1 Dec, 2012
Read Time
5 mins
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