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I look in the mirror and see the reflection of a crazy person. I'm splattered with blood, I have a knife in my hand, and my eyes are gleaming with murder. I think I am crazy. But I'm also not. I had to murder him. He lied to me, he played me, he broke me. I couln't let him do that to anyone else. It's all his fault. I tried not to. I wanted him to justify his behaviour, to lie to me again. But this time he was honest. We met up at our spot in the woods, my knife hididng in my sweater pocket. I asked him, "Do you love me?" and he said no. I asked him, "Did you ever?" and he said no. He said no. He never loved me. He lied all along. I asked him, "Why did you lie?" and he told me. "You asked me out. I didnt want to say no so I decided to go on one date, and then break it off. But then it turned out our first date was dinner with your parents. They got attatched. I had to keep up the pretence for a lot longer than I wanted. I didnt mean to hurt you, but I need to be honest now, at least." I felt a tear roll down my face. "You lied to me for 5 months. And you decide that today was the best day to be honest? On Valentines Day?" He couldn't look me in the eye. "I know...I'm sorry..." "It's too late." I decided that today was the day his life would end. I slide the knife out of my pocket slowly. He still wouldn't look at me. I walked around to face his back. "What are you doing?" He asked me. "Saving the hearts of thousands of girls," I whispered, and I plunged the knife into his skull. I spun him round and I stabbed him in the chest. I killed him. And now, he will forever have the look of pure sadness and pure terror on his face. Then, I shoved him into the lake, and watched his body sink.

That was 2 hours ago. I just had a shower and I have been thinking about my crime ever since. I've been looking at the news. I just saw something about a body that was found in the lake. He's been identified. The police say that they know who did it, and that they will arrest her. Oh, I hear sirrens outside. I just looked out the window and the police are here. I walk outside and put my hands behind my back. "He wont hurt them anymore," I said. "I took care of it." The police put on my handcuffs. "Hana Miller, you're under arrest for the murder of Sean O'Connor." I let them take me away. "I'm not crazy." I said. "I'm not crazy." "We know, Miss Miller, we know." "He broke my heart!" I yelled at them. "HE BROKE IT! HE BROKE IT HE BROKE IT HE BROKE IT HE BROKE IT!" The police looked at eachother. "Possible psychopath." One of them said. "IM NOT INSANE!" I yelled again. I pull out the knife from my pocket and I stab the officers. One of them shouts into their walkie talkie, "CODE RED!" as I stab myself. By the time the other officers get here, all that they will 3 dead bodies.

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16 Feb, 2020
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2 mins
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