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I feel great. I'm passing my classes and I am happy. but there is a lot of unknown about me. so let me tell you. I am SUPER insecure about myself. my body is gross. I hate my smile, my legs, arms, body, and personality. last year I almost committed suicide three times. Personally, I feel like I am doing way better, but my scars are still on my arms and legs. another thing I'm insecure about is my stretch marks. I have them on my hips, legs, and arms. I hate them so much

I don't keep secrets, but if nobody asks then I won't tell. I am always honest with people. some questions I choose not to answer and I think that's okay. I've had a few people ask about my stories and why I wrote them. So here it is. The girl with depression, the girl who left her guard up, and the girl who was friends with everybody. Those stories were my thoughts of what would happen if I went through with it. The scenarios of those stories played over and over in my head. So, there's that. So more insecurities are when people stared. I hate it. Also, when people compliment me also. Another thing about me is I get scared easily. I get paranoid fast. I feel like when I when people in, they are going to use me, even when I know they won't.

So there is me.

My insecurties.

My past.

Let me know if you want to know more.

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1 Apr, 2020
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