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“Yes. I have the vile.” The man said. “No. It will be like she died of natural causes. No one will suspect a thing”.

He was a tall slender man who wore a black suit and carried a leather briefcase. “I will be meeting with Mrs. Devine at 6:00pm. Yes.” He hung up the phone and looked over his shoulder. Grant Vore was his name. He was a big name in the city; rich beyond belief. He was the Deputy Mayor who worked below the Mayor, Bridget Devine.

I gasped. He spotted me. “He plans to poison the Mayor and take her place” I thought to myself.

Without thinking, I charged him. I don’t know what my plan was, but I knew his intentions were malice. “Ahhh! Help he’s attacking me!” In the blink of an eye a police officer from down the street grabbed me and cuffed me. I tried to plead my case and explain Mr. Vore was up to no good. Next thing I remember I was sitting in a jail cell, guards watching my every move. The clock ticked away taunting me. It read 4:37pm. Time felt slow yet moved too quick in this jail cell. I had to act.

“Excuse me officer, could I please use my cell phone to call my wife? She should be worried sick by now” I asked graciously.

He released a deep sigh. “alright Morty, fine. I’ll be right back. But you get 5 mins.” He sauntered away. I listed as his footsteps faded into the distance.

I focused myself. First I focused on the security camera in the corner, and I willed it to turn the other way. I couldn’t let anyone know I had this power.

Then, standing steady, I stared at the keys on the desk. I willed them to me.


I quickly stuck my hand through the bars and unlocked the door.

4:43 pm.

I took off my flannel shirt and began ripping it into pieces. I ran out the door and made my way to the mayors office, leaving a breadcrumb trail for the police hoping they would be close behind me.

The mayors building was empty, but I heard distant chatter. I took off my shoes so I could be silent, leaving them as a final bread crumb.

I peak my head around the corner and peer into Mayor Devine’s office. Her back is to Grant, she is shuffling through her filing cabinet looking for something. Mr. Vore uses this chance to pour a vile of clear liquid into her coffee. I hear a door shut in the distance. I can only assume it is the police looking for their fugitive.

“Mayor Devine! Grant poisoned your drink – he’s wants to kill you” I run into the room and step in front of Mayor Devine to protect her. Grant pulls out a silver pistol and points it right at me. Just then the cops run into the office, seeing Grant red handed. “Mr. Vore put the weapon down. You’re under arrest.” His shoulders tense. He whips around and points the gun at officer Banks. I pick up the stapler on Mayor Devine’s desk and throw it at Grant Vore. I focus in and will the stapler to hit him in the temple, knocking him unconscious. Officer Banks and the others handcuff him and empty his pockets. They find a knife and a vile with poison left over. “Morty Brooks. You saved my life” Mayor Devine embraced me, “I owe you”.

“Morty, I owe you an apology.” Officer Banks shook my hand, “Thank you for saving Mayor Devine, we never would have known”

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12 Mar, 2021
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3 mins
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