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Inspired by You

Inspired by You

By chellskie8

My name is twinkle i graduated in college 5 years ago with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I decided to take up nursing when i was 3rd year high school because it was my ultimate dream. Aside from that, i want to take care of my love one's at home. A bit odd because others would want nursing just to earn money by working abroad and getting higher salary. rnAfter my high school graduation i told to my parents that am going to take up nursing but my mother disagreed because it was truly expensive. But my father supported me in my chosen course despite the fact that we're not that rich. My father is a soldier and with a salary of about 20,000 a month excluding the deduction from the loans, and my mother has a small business- a restaurant. I had 1 brother ( high school) and 3 sisters ( 1 college student, elementary and high school student). It was a tough decision but still i chose to chase my dreams.rnDuring the 1st and 2nd year in college it went well but on the third year our family experience financial crisis. But it won't stop me from chasing my dreams, i find ways to earn money; i sell sandwiches, yema, pastillas etc.and chose to have 1 pair of uniform in duties ( wash and wear system) to cut off the expenses, many times i made promissory note during exam, and borrowed money from friends, relatives to pay the fees.That was a very stressful especially when you need to study for the exam but you kept on thinking on problems. I know nothing last forever not even our troubles, good thing that i had a courage to face it. The most awaited finally i graduated!!! All is happy:) All the efforts paid off!!!rnMonth of December I took the board examination, 8 months after my graduation and praise God i passed the test, despite the fact that i haven't had enough time to review because am helping my mother in our small restaurant. rnAt the month of February I volunteered in the government hospital (secondary hospital) and last for five months until I finally decided to apply to one of the tertiary hospital in our town ( it was my dream job ) It was merely indeed a happiest day of my life when I got the job!!! And am still working right now. After all the good and bad things happen in my life in attaining my goal it made me a better person. More than a year now I've been in a church choir and sing praises to Him.Truly GOD is my inspiration..for whatever you asked for and prayed for it will be given to you. I Prayed ( pass the exam, working in my dream hospital) and there you go!!it all happen:) To give back all the glory and honor.rnrnI offer this short story to you Lord:) hope u like it!!!

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21 Nov, 2012
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2 mins
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