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Inter-Planetary Survival, Part 1

Inter-Planetary Survival, Part 1

By Optimism101 - 3 Reviews


“Shit shit shit shit.” I muttered as the screens started to go blank.

I was in a C.IIS.E.V.:S.M.IIV, my Class 2 Space Exploration Vehicle: Scout Mark 3. It was pretty snug, with only one seat, a carriage in the back for supplies, materials, sample collectors, etc. The cockpit had 3 screen monitors for different signs of things through space. Spectrograph, minor telescopic camera, and one for condition. A small retractable turret on the top of my vehicle for asteroid destruction and defense. It was equipped with one of the best space travel technology, a hole mover. That piece of tech created a blackhole directly in front of the vehicle kept it in front, and used the gravitational pull to accelerate the vehicle. It was slow to start, but went faster than light. Stopping was more or less pure calculation.

My vehicle started to be pulled down towards the gravity of one of the planets I was going to survey. My condition, I assume, was dark. I struggled to run diagnostics on my systems, but the atmosphere of the planet shook around and stopped my efforts. A fire started to spring up around my craft. I had entered the atmosphere. This went from bad to worse. There was not enough time to enter manual control and use the low-level thrusters, they wouldn’t do anything against the gravitational pull. I braced for impact.


My craft slammed into the ground at a small angle, which allowed it to skid on the surface. It went on for I assume to be miles. Each bump vibrated through me and shook me to my teeth.


It hit against the side of a rock formation, threw me forward until my restrictors caught me, and stopped completely. Shaken up, the only course of action was to determine my surroundings, and find a way to call for help. I disbanded from the craft.

The planet I was to be surveying was a life-capable planet. They were also carbon-based life forms, so it was prime for researching. I was sent here to take samples of wildlife, atmosphere, minerals, and anything else that seemed fit and had room for. Now, my goal was to survive and make it off planet. Samples were a bonus.

I checked over the exterior of my ship. The entire hull was almost burnt to a crisp without its heat shields. The turret was locked into its spot, but with the right tools I could pry it out. The carriage was loose, and I could prop it open. The cockpit was useless, and almost all of the tech inside was destroyed in the crash. That meant that all that I had was a turret, supplies, sample collectors, and damaged tech. The good news is that I had trained for a scenario like this. I only had to find materials from the world around me.

Something rumbled above.

Something was coming. I didn’t think life on this planet advanced as far as it would have for something to actually seek out food and track it, as well as eat it.

A large created looked over the cliff my ship was crashed into. What I assume to be its eye, was a large black diamond shaped thing on a large spherical oval that I assumed to be its head. Instead of a jaw or teeth, it had mandibles. Large, spiky mandibles.

It slithered down the side of the large cliff wall. Instead of legs, or hips, it seemed to be supported by an outer rock shell. It managed to descend the cliff by using a membrane beneath the rock shell to stick and move off the rock.

At this point, I had gotten a good look at it.

The head was as described before, but afterwards it went to a large, slug-like body, and instead of a tail, it 3 large things that could only be described as spider legs without the hair. They seemed to help support the creature and could also be used for offense. After reaching the ground, it seemed to be around 20 feet long, and 5 feet high. The mandibles were at least a foot long.

It snapped its mandibles at me, most likely as a sign of aggression and territory control. I stepped back.

It slithered onto my ship, and I heard a small creak as the material inside was starting to be damaged. If this went on much longer, I fear that my tools and supplies might be ruined.

The turret was my best hope.

I stepped forward and puffed myself up as much as possible. The creature seems to just stare at me with its eye, and more creaking came from the ship.

I stepped forward once more.

Still no response.

I took a quick glance at the world around me, and noticed for the first time the rock that I had broken off. It was an igneous. Perfect. The rock remained perfectly intact as I picked it up. Being broken, it revealed a nice sharp edge I could use. I chucked it at the creature, but it harmlessly bounced off of its outer rock shell. The creature took this as aggression, and charged me.

It was a lot faster than expected.

It dashed at me with around 60mph speeds, which were enough to easily catch up to me if I decided to run away. I rolled to the side as it thundered past me.

It turned after me, still running, as I dashed towards the ship. I tugged on the outer metal casing for the retractable turret, but it didn’t budge. The creature was coming right for me again. I rolled, and it ran past me.

I grabbed one of the broken rocks and tried again at the plate. This time, using the rock as a lever. Slowly, it started to peel upwards with a loud creak.

The creature zoomed at me again, and I rolled and went back to levering.

Finally, the plate flew off of the outer ship revealing the turret. It was a 10000 volt turret, enough to fry a human’s insides. I hope this creature didn’t have a resistance.

I tugged the turret out of the ship, and barely held onto it. It’s powere cable drifted down into the ship, for power. I hope the battery was intact.

The creature turned once more and started after me. I hoped the turret was enough


I shot at the creature with a sustained 5 second blast, which is definitely enough to kill any creature on homeworld.


The creature fell and skidded across the ground until it laid to rest, I assume dead, at my feet.


I would need its parts.

The sun started to set over the horizon. It was very small in the sky, but it was a neutron star, so if gave off plenty of heat.

This was the first day.

Now onto the next.

Author Notes: I thought I would write something a little longer and better. At least, I hope better. Tell me what you think, any improvements, anything. Literally if you just wanna review with "Ha, u gay." that would be cool too. Anything helps.
Oh, and, tell me if you want me to write more. It helps get ma hands on the keyboard.

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2 May, 2019
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