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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

I believe it is mentioned in the bible somewhere that a tribe of people wandered the desert for forty years.  Forty years?  So hey tribesman, let's hang out over here, it is warm.  The desert is throbbing in the day with it's relentless beams of sun light.  At night, the opposite happens.  This is most likely not a place for one to hang out and wander,  This is a clue that the bible is fiction.  

Have you ever heard somebody say that someone  has 'more money than God,'?  If I am allowed in to forever lasting bliss only to  see God lounging by a tree on top of a pile of cash, there will be a few questions for sure.  I of course will be stunned.  I'd probably stand frozen for a few seconds.  I'd become a robot who has just lost all power.  Then I'd say, 'alright god, let me check, make sure they're real.  Yea right, I'd bum a few bucks and head for the angels.  They're must be a bar up there, a Halo Pub, or something.  I am presuming that heaven, the very thought of it, must somehow how be intertwined with social behavior.  Look what it does to chimps.  Your sitting there naked, albeit covered in fur with another monkey, any monkey and he or she is picking bugs off of you.  Surely it is rubbing and scratching you as well.  The only concern they have is looking out entirely for your health.  I cant count how many times Mrs. Esposito has brushed off my shoulders at the corner of the bar.  There is a whole there drying up through the Styrofoam ceiling tile but, none the less.  She gives me a hug and kiss good night usually, at the front door.  No damage there.  Sounds like heaven to me. 

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19 Sep, 2014
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