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Interview With A Serial Killer (Part Two)

Interview With A Serial Killer (Part Two)


This is Part Two of my story..

Please email me comments so i know how you like my story

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WARNING!!! This story is NOT suitable for young children, it contains violence, drugs, sexual content, and strong language. ADULTS (18+) ONLY

Part Two, please read part one if you haven't done so already.

Once inside the castle like mansion, the girls told us to make ourselves at home. The room was beautifully lit, 16th century styled paintings hung from the walls, a very elegant expensive looking walk-way rug ran from the front door to the back of the room, a large spiral staircase leading to the second floor was to the right near the eastern wall, the far end of the northern wall sat a considerably large book shelf which were the home to at least a few hundred books, to the western side of the room there was a large circular sofa which could easily, and comfortably fit ten people, but it was empty, as was the rest of the house.

“Uh, where is everyone?” Mike asked concerned?

“Yeah, where’s all this beer, and drugs you promised us?” Dave added.

“Relax boys, relax.” Sammy said reassuringly.

“Well, we’re gonna go upstairs and fix ourselves up, just sit on the sofa and relax, common girls.” Kathy said grabbing Sammy’s hand, and running towards the spiral staircase, Jessie followed.

“Well, until the rest of ‘em get here guys, we still have leftovers from before.” I said pulling a small plastic bag of cocaine out of my pocket.

“Ha-ha, alright, fork it over.” Dave shrieked grabbing it from my hand, he opened the baggie with such haste it nearly ripped open spraying the cocaine everywhere.

“Jesus Dave, easy you’ll waste it all.” Mike said alarmed.

“Ah, who cares, these girls said there’ll be plenty more.” Dave responded

“Well do you see any here now? No there is no one here yet.” Mike snapped back. “So don't waste what we have, this may be all we’ll have tonight. And if…”

“Guys, guys; calm down, please. Let’s just relax and enjoy the night, we got three foxy girls here, let’s make the best of it.” I said trying to take control of the heated situation.

A few moments later the girls came back downstairs wearing captivating outfits. They weren’t kidding when they said they were going to fix themselves up.

“Wow, you guys look great.” I said.

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad there yourself.” Sammy said making her way towards me. She plopped down on the couch
next to me and put her arms around me.

“So what you guys wanna do tonight?” Kathy asked

“Uh, well isn’t there going to be a party here?” Mike asked.

“Oh, the party, yeah that isn’t going to be until later on.” Jessie said. “So what do you wanna do in the mean time?” She asked.

“I don't know. Something doesn’t seem right here.” Dave said alarmed.

“What do you mean honey?” Kathy asked as she sat down on the couch next to Dave, and started to rub one hand along his chest, and the other around the back of his neck massaging him.

“Uh, nothing, I was just.”

“Shhh.” She said interrupting him. “Now, just sit back, and relax. We’re going to have some fun tonight.”


“What happened next?” I asked Gideon as he sat on his cot.

“What happened next, is what changed my life forever, as you can see changed it for the worse, not better.” Gideon said laughingly.

“Well please continue.” I urged.

“Not so fast, there guys” A guard said, coming into the cell. “were here, to ask you some questions Gideon, now that you seem to be talking.”

“Fine, I’ll bite, what cha wanna know there sport?”

“Well for starters, what ya want for your last meal?” The guard said.

“My last meal?” Gideon said confusedly.

“Yeah, you know. You get to have a ‘special meal’ whatever you want you get.”

“Whatever I want?” Gideon asked.

“Yeah, so what’d it be?”

“Uhm, now well lemme see.” Gideon said, putting his hand to his chin rubbing it, the way someone does when they’re pondering over something.

“Well, hurry it up pal, I don't have all day to stand here, while you think.” The guard said impatiently.

“I’ll have, two steaks, medium rare, a pound of mash potatoes, three pounds of string beans, a large chocolate cake, four bags of potato chips, and last but not least, a cup of coffee.”

“Is that all?” The guard said sarcastically. “Jesus you’re not going to be able to finish all that.”

Gideon ignored the remark, and turned his attention back to me.

“Now where was i?” He asked.

“Uhm you were getting to the part where Kathy was asking you guys what you wanted to do that night.” I responded.

“Ah yes.”

To be continued... Look for Part Three coming soon..

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17 Apr, 2011
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