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Into the Oriental
Into the Oriental

Into the Oriental

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Alex was able to see Anna through the peek hole between two walls. Anna was seated on an old bench which was nearly rusted and was black in colour, in Death street. The street was a broken black road, almost was half kilometer long. On the side of the road was beautiful yellow-red oriental plane plants, which gave its spectacular leaves to the road. And also benches was there at side of the road below the yellow trees. Nobody knows that why such a beautiful road was called Death street. And also everybody used to go for PlayStation, pubs, parties, café’s, no one ever turned for Death street except Anna. She used to read books of various author’s under the shade of that yellow tree. But on that day, she was reading a book as usual, and she didn’t know that Alex was watching her.
First meet.
Alex was continuously seeing Anna through the peek hole. On side of Alex stood Marco his best friend.
Alex said to Marco “She is so beautiful. She is like a flower which is grown by adding cuteness with soil,” He continued “Thanks god that nobody noticed such a beautiful girl.”
Marco saw Alex in confusion. He can’t saw anyone through peek hole as Alex. Marco said in confusion “what that means? Flowers, soil and cuteness. In simple words that girl is good. But there is no one on the street. All benches are empty. You know, according to me, if there is any girl , you should talk to her. Tell her the strong affection that is produced between you. And don’t even think of telling the flower and soil story.”
Alex saw that nobody except her was at that road. Alex jumped over the fence and took out his 3rd hand camera. Actually he don’t know how to click photos. He step by step moved toward Anna. He took a long breath and stood in front of Anna with camera on his eye. Anna saw Alex clicking photos of the yellow plant and the lonely road. Alex slightly moved camera towards her and pressed a button. Alex sat on the opposite bench and said “you’ve got a picture perfect face. Do you come here regularly?”.
Anna said to Alex “ya, regularly. There is something in this surrounding which makes me to come regularly. Anyway, are you a photographer?”.
Alex looked at his camera and clicked various buttons simultaneously and said. “it’s my hobby. I like to capture the beauty of nature. I like to capture each an every component of nature. And after seeing you feels like nature made its component very beautifully.”
Anna was blushing but was confused. Previously Anna had never talked to a boy for a very long time. But this time they both talked for almost an hour. They get to know each other, their hobbies, their most lovable songs, books, sites to visit etc. None of them looked away but was just entering each other eyes. The college bell rang. Alex said to Anna “it was my best moments of my life. I felt like I’ve found a best friend. Hope you come back tomorrow to meet me Anna.”
Anna picked up her books and she started laughing. She said “I don’t think you are a photographer, because your camera was off while shooting. Don’t mind Alex. Bye.” She took her book’s and ran toward the damaged gate. Alex also started laughing. Suddenly a leaf falls from the above tree in front of Alex. He picked the pretty leaf and put it in his pocket as token of love.
Dark token of love.
Alex was continuously remembering that moments with Anna. He was seated in front of his study table. He picked the yellow leaf which he had picked, and placed over his diary. He felt cold for a while. He looked at his diary. He saw that the leaf was shrinking automatically and finally turned black. He got frightened and tried to pick up the leaf, but suddenly blood started to flow from the diary. It overflowed the diary and spread all over the table. Alex shouted but there was no one to hear him. He throws the diary to the corner of the wall and ran away from his room to the garden. Alex called Marco and tell him the whole story. At that night he slept at Marco’s home.
Second meet.
“So, where is that girl?”, Marco was peeking hard through the hole. “There is no one here Alex.” Alex showed the bench on which Anna was sat, but Marco can’t find her.
Alex said “I don’t like your joke. So you can’t see such beautiful girl on that bench, you blind… anyway I have to go to meet her. See you soon.”
Alex jumped over the fence and reached to Anna. He was feeling a death cold climate. He saw that Anna was crying with a dusty rope in her hand.
“I must tell you the truth Alex. I must not hide lie. You are my best friend in this life,” Anna said to Alex. “19 years ago, with this rope I am being murdered by the owner of this street. I’ve completed my revenge. But I am cursed. You only can see me. Love is a solution for everything, and also for my curse. You can free me from my curse by touching me but…..”
Alex was in shock. He felt fainted. Listening this his eyes were full of cold tears. “But what Anna?”, he asked.
“But I found my first love in you. By touching me I will be in heaven far away from you, and I can’t leave Alex. I love you,” Anna said to him. “And sorry about that token of love.” She wiped all the tears from her face with her hand.
Alex picked up Anna from the bench and wiped her tears. He said “You are free now. And don’t think that you are away from me. Believe in love Anna. God will help you to find me. I love you Anna. And one last thing that, you are like a flower which is grown up by adding cuteness with soil. I love you Anna.”
Anna pulled Alex toward her and kissed him. Suddenly light started coming from Anna. Her skin turned to yellow leafs and all the leaves fall on the ground. Anna turned to heaven. Alex looked up and smiled.
“So how was your meet?,” Marco asked to Alex in college. “I know you are joking. There was no girl, right Alex.”
Alex gave hard look to Marco and said “Yes, there was no girl.” He smiled saying this.

-A story by TRD.

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23 Dec, 2018
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