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Invisibility Cloak ( a Drarry One Shot)
Invisibility Cloak ( a Drarry One Shot)

Invisibility Cloak ( a Drarry One Shot)


(Harry's pov.)

​​​The note is scrawled in neat beautiful handwriting; Meet me at 12:00 tonight in the ROR. Where the Cloak.

I smirk down at the note, fold it neatly, and put it in my pocket. Shove my face with my food, like that will make the time go faster.

=============================Time Skip============================

My clock reads 11:45. I slide quietly out of my bed, pull an oversized red jumper on, and my cloak over that before stalking out of the dormatry.

I stand on the eigth floor, in front of the ROR door, and close my eyes. Thinking; I need a place to be alone with Draco Malfoy.

I open my eyes and walk in. Draco sits on the couch, smiling wickedly up at me. I walk over sliding onto his lap. He winks at me. I lean down pressing my lips to his and sliding my hands into his beautiful blond hair.

He flips over so he is on top of me. I smile up at him.

"Hi, my love." He says in a sexy voice that makes my cheeks heat. "Hi, baby." He smiles his beautiful smile.

"Its getting late," Draco says his face in my neck. I groan, wrapping my legs around him. He chuckles, a beautiful sound.

"No," I pout. "Harry, love, I have to. "

I move away, wrapping my arms around my legs and pulling them to my chest. He sits up, "baby." I look away,tears brewing in my eyes. "Just go!" It comes out harsh.

"Why don't we go back to your dorm underneath the invisibility cloak?" I look up, nodding.

Draco kisses my forehead.

We sneak back and cuddle beneath my invisibility cloak in my head for the rest of the night.

Author Notes: This is fan fiction. Probably my favorite ship.

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16 Oct, 2020
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