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Invisible Boy
Invisible Boy

Invisible Boy

ThomastheRayThomas Ray
2 Reviews

I saw the invisible boy today. I saw him-- just a glimpse, but I saw him.

And he wasn't even ​​​​there. In the room. In the building.

But he was there so many times before, and I never... I never looked? It took someone... Someone had to point him out. Someone had to spell it out for me that he's there, living, breathing, real, and being invisible hurts him just as much as it would anyone else.

Someone had to point it out for me to realize. You might be able to imagine how awful that makes me feel.

Because the things that make him invisible aren't his fault. He wanted to be seen, but he couldn't make himself seen, maybe he doesn't know how, and I just... I never even waved. I was so aloof that I just... Never bothered. I don't know why.

But next time he's here, I'm going to make sure he knows I see him. Because I saw a glimpse of him today, and I think he'd like to know.

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Thomas Ray
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27 Jun, 2021
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