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Is It Real?

Is It Real?

By FreeWrite

"Just put one foot in front of another." I keep telling myself that as I walk down the hallway with my best friend. Nicole is going on and on about her boyfriend, "Mr. Perfect" as I call him, to others it is Max. I always have to brace myself when I see her coming down to the hall. She is in love and has to tell everyone about it while I am the 18 year old spinster. I haven't had a boyfriend since I can remember when. Don't get me wrong I have had a few but none that were really anything. I haven't even kissed a guy. "What's wrong with me?" I moan.
"What? Where did that come from?" Feeling huge doe like eyes on me I realized that my conversation that was in my head has now entered the real world.
"Sorry, just wondering if I have a giant sticker that says Caution or something on it?" I lift my bangs and Nicole pretends to search for a sticker. We laugh as people pass us wondering if we are mental.
"It takes time to find someone. You are great as you Abbie, just because none of these guys around here are good enough for you don't mean that there isn't a guy for you. Just keep the faith." With that Nicole busted into a "mood song" as she called them. This one was about faith and how tomorrow will be better. Ever since she started singing songs about how we felt we always could make each other laugh.
Just as we are coming off the laughter hi we hear a deep "Hola" from behind us. Of course being the sissies that we are we jumped. High enough might I add to be on the high school track team.
"Sorry if I spooked you two. I am new here and I am trying to find," he looked at his paper, dark locks of coal falling on to his face "Dona Archer for AP biology. Would either of you happen to know where she is?" His head came up from looking at the paper. If the accent hadn't given him away then the tan skin and coal blackness of his hair and eyes would have done the trick. He smiled trying to put us at ease but it just set my insides aflame. His skin made his teeth seem painfully white but it oddly worked. Nicole nudged my side
"Upph, I am actually going to that class. I will show you."
"Gracias mi amiga." He fell in step behind me and I part ways with Nicole who winked at me and mouthed "total hottie".
"Sorry about the scare there in the hall. I didn't mean to do that." He said as he moved beside me.
"Umm it's fine. I get to caught up in whatever I am doing." I said as I shifted to put some room between us. The heat from his body was way to close to mine. I didn't want to admit to myself that I was liked it also. He stood a good six inches over me which was saying something. I am 5'6 so doing some quick math I placed him at 6 maybe 6'1. When and if I ever did talk to him again I would have to look up to look him in the eyes.
"I like that in a person." His smile hinted at something more but I couldn't quite tell want it was. "I am supposed to grow until I'm 6'4 but they aren't sure yet."
"How did-"
"I saw you looking at how tall I was and you started to concentrate on something. All I did was put two and two together. When you guessed my height you tried to stand taller. It was funny actually." With that I totally forgot the first comment and felt my checks redden at the thought that he had been watching me the entire time. "Sorry if that embarrassed you. I have a habit of stating facts."
"It's fine. I have a bad habit of thinking a-lot." Before he could respond I said "Ok well here is class. I guess that I will talk to you later." I left him standing in the front of the class by himself. No one minded him either. It's a large class I said to myself. He will find someone right? As I contemplated these thoughts the chair beside mine squeaked and his voiced filled the air again.
"Is this seat taken?" I am telling you now that time stood still as I looked into his face. So many what-ifs filled my mind in those few seconds that I took to answer. Should I tell him no or yes.
"If it is then I can find another."
"Oh wait no you can sit here." I cleared my stuff off of the table and watched as he folded his body to slide under the table that we now had to share. It was small when I sat there by myself but he seemed to take up any space and dwarf it. This was going to make for a hard year.
"So all I know about you is that you scare easy, think to much, and try to be taller." He said with a half smile on his face.
"And all I know about you is that your tall and like scaring people." I countered keeping my head down.
"Well I don't like scaring people if you must know. I am tall but that isn't something that I can help. " He matched me and I could feel his eyes burning a hole into my skin.
"They call me Abbie." It was the only information that she offered to him. She wanted him as far away as possible.
"What do you call yourself?"
"You said that they call you Abbie. What do you call yourself?"
At first I thought he was trying t insightful but decided that he didn't understand the saying.
"My name is Abigail. My friends call me Abbie" I hadn't looked at his face to see how he took this piece of information.
"Abigail. I like it" The way that it flowed off of his tongue, putting stress and accents on different parts of me name sent a chill down my spine.

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16 Feb, 2011
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5 mins
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