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Is It Real? Part Dos

Is It Real? Part Dos

By FreeWrite

"Ya know I was going to say something but then you smiled." I quickly wiped the smile off of my face as fast as it had appeared. "Wait that wasn't a bad thing. You are very pretty when you smile."
"So I am ugly when I don't." I couldn't stop the words. It was natural for me to think that everyone saw me as ugly.
"That isn't what I meant and you know it. You are pretty when you don't smile and pretty when you do. Why can't you take a compliment?" He looked at me with interest. By this point I was watching him from the corner of my eye. Before I could even respond Mrs. Archer walked in and the class soon fell quiet.
"Class we have a new student with us today from Mexico City. If you would please step up here and tell us about yourself. I see that you have already chosen a seat by Abbie." All of the eyes in the room turned and landed on me then moved to Amancio and back and forth. I couldn't handle all of the questions that haunted their eyes. The squeak of the chair beside me broke my trance. The next thing I knew the table that had seemed impossibly small now seemed all to large. "And lonely." I thought as I watched Amancio walk to the front of the class. He walked with such grace and sureness of himself. I couldn't ever do that. He seemed to own the entire room and everyone in it. I also noted that all of the girls in the room seemed smitten.
"Soon he won't be sitting by me. In fact he won't even notice me. That's good." I was still muttering to myself when Amancio got to his seat.
"What is good?" He asked with a look of surprise. I guess he didn't favor the real bowl full of crazy Abbie that thought out loud and talked to her self.
"Oh um nothing. Just talking to myself." I still couldn't look at his face. He went to respond but Mrs. Archer cut in giving the assignment for the class.
Thankfully the rest of the class passed quietly.
Soon the bell cut through the air, replacing the quiet was the sounds of people packing up their bags.
"So what class do you have next?" He was beside me again. This time too close not by his choice but because how packed the hall was. I think that he was getting closer taking advantage of the moment.
"I have AP history next."
"Great I have that also."
"Great!" I groaned inwardly. One he would be in there and so would Nicole. She would want to know everything.
The start of the class was the same as the last. I left him at the front, he followed and sat besides me. Luckily these were individual desks so I did have some space.
"So will these be a repeat of last class where we only exchange one piece of information for a few minutes of banner? Or can we actually get somewhere this time?" I don't want to look at him but I have to force my eyes from heading to his face. I remember last time.
"I liked last class. Got a-lot of work done." I laid my head on the desk away from him watching for Nicole. "Please let her get here fast." I prayed to God. "Just let who get here fast?"
I groaned inwardly. Again for the second time that day he had heard something that he wasn't meant to. As I thought of an answer that didn't seem to crazed Nicole walked in. She did a double take when she saw that Amancio was in our class and that he was sitting by me.
"Girl, why are you not getting your flirt on?" she hissed as she slid into place.
"Because you know what happened last time. I am not going through that again." I looked her in the eye knowing that she still remembered last time.
"The past is the past for a reason." She smarted back as I rolled my eyes. She was my best friend for a reason. She could cry with me, laugh with me, and put me back together after a major loss. She could also be a pain in the but sometimes.
"Can I whisper also?" Amancio, I had forgotten that he was there. I'm not quite sure how I could but I had.

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16 Feb, 2011
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3 mins
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