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Is It Really a Lie
Is It Really a Lie

Is It Really a Lie

Morgan172Morgan Sky
2 Reviews

Is it really a lie if I want it so bad,

I gave everything, everyone-

All that I've gained and all that I had,

To pretend that this truth was unfeigned?

I gave it all up so I'd finally see,

See a sign, feel a feeling,

Proof that your love isn't wasted on me,

I'm a glass-hearted vial of secrets for god above.

Am I ever enough?

All that I've been through, I have deserved

Suffering, torture, self-loathing.

All this existence on a platter is served

To the girl who constructed a life, and then let it all die.

But I couldn't keep living a lie.

Gave it up just in time for goodbye.

All I still wonder is why you stood by and just watched it all fall apart.

This fragmented, storm-tossed heart.

Just one part.

Of me.

But still me.

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Morgan Sky
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8 Jul, 2021
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