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Is mermaid are true?

Is mermaid are true?

By Unknown

This story is about to be Legend. The Legend story will begin for today.

There once a young woman who was poor. She hadn't have enough money to buy food. She worked hard to provide her family. She can't find a food where her mother asks her. She was bitten on her family. She can't get what she wants. She had lots of scars and bruises. And others laughed at her.

The next morning, she was ask to go on a island where there is more food. She sailed far away to gather foods. When the boat was broken, she found out that the boat will sink on the bottom of the sea. She swim so hard but it's too late, she was falling beneath the sea. And closes her eyes.

The next day, the others had heard the news that she was gone. And finding her in the sea. They searched everywhere but they can't find her.The people told her family that she was gone. They knew she was dead. "My daughter! Is dead!!" They cried. They don't even know where she is.

While hour ago, she opened her eyes and saw that she was on an island. She was thinking if she could look for food on there. But she stand but fall on the ground. She looked on her feet, she can't believe her legs disappear. And a tail grew on her waist down. She believe to go home and swim in the water. But she have known that she can swim!

When she arrived home from the river near her house, she called her mother. "Mom! I'm back!" Her mother was thrilled. She comes out of the house. She have seen her daughter swimming on the river. She was told to come out of the river. She comes out of the water. Her mother was terrified. She found her daughter had a tail. She slid down on the water and continue swimming.

In the other opposite meaning, she found she was a mermaid now. But she really is a nymph. Her mother cried aloud because she was told she is not part at the family.

But only one question.

Is mermaids are true?

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13 Jul, 2011
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