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Is There A Santa Clause

Is There A Santa Clause

By Breanna Bodden

Little Sarah, of the richest family in Washington, had her hair in knots. This was because she twisted her hair while she thought about things. Her friends at school had told her that Santa was not real, but she still believed. However, the girls at school had placed a seed of doubt in her mind. It continued to grow and grow, into a giant beast tugging at her mind. Whenever she did not know about something she did what she always did. She went to the one person that would never lie to her: God. She got down on her knees and started to pray.

Dear God, my friends have told me that Santa is fake. I do not know what to believe, so I sit here and ask you if he is real or if my friends are right.

She got up and heard a voice that could only be one of God's in her head.

"My dear child, you believe in me. you believe that I created everything. So why do you not believe that there is a Santa? if I can create the universe, why cannot a man give gifts to the world? Follow your heart, I am in your heart, so if you follow your heart, you will always be right."

Sarah had her answer and now there was only one thing to do: SLEEP! Hey a girl needs her beauty sleep!

Author Notes: I believe in Santa!

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About The Author
Breanna Bodden
About This Story
25 Oct, 2014
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1 min
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