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Island of Memories
Island of Memories

Island of Memories

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The waves crash against the boat as it powers toward the island.

It's a mysterious island, one to be discovered.

The sun shines brightly in the sun.

I close my eyes and lie down next to my friends.

We chat as the boat starts to approach the island of memories.

I stand up and take out my polaroid.

A snap, a snap there, in the box.

I stare off at the island.

A feeling in my stomach arrives.

I feel happy.

I step on to the dock, my backpack hanging on my shoulder.

I take my first step on land, overwhelmed with a sensation.

A sensation of joy happiness.

We run, happy and screaming.

The night rolls around.

We run and scream, as crazy as ever.

We don't care.

We all go into our new houses.

I shut my eyes.

Absorbing the waves and memories from the day.

We awake to kayak,

to run,

to climb,

to walk,

to scream of joy,

to create memories.

A memory here,

a memory there.

I wish I could have taken a polaroid of all of them.

But there are not enough polaroids to take them all.

We board the boat again.

Days have passed.

Memories have stayed.

I board with my bag full of memories and happiness.

I look into it.

I see one

Three girls.

Standing on the beach.

One with a pink oversized hoodie,

another with a green shirt and pink shorts.

The third, dressed in black.

They are facing the ocean.

This polaroid,

I hold it know as I write.

It's colors fill me with memories,

making the tears roll down,

my checks.

On drops on the photo.

But the photo stands strong.

So does the memory.

It stays with me forever.


Author Notes: I am crying while I write this. I hope it strikes out to anyone.

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21 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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