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It all started

It all started

By Storyteller

Note : I will be posting Not my pictures @All rights reserved so you can have a better Look
Lisa was A 17 year old Senior in Highschool . Her hair was A Chocolate Milky Color . Her Eyes Shined bright .Her lips were as Soft as feathers . LISA
"Lisa , Are you awake ? " Asked her mother , Vice President Of The snickers Company . Lisa Kept pushing her mother's Hand . "Y...e...s.... " She responded Her mother Went downstairs so that Lisa could get dress for Her last year of Her New Highschool . On the way to her class A Blue Honda Car Was right On her sight .Lisa Smiled " Hey Austin ! " AUSTIN
"Oh , Hey Lisa do you want a ride ? " Asked Austin trying not to show emotion .Austin was the Star Football Player But had been kicked out For grade felling .Lisa Slided her bag To her lap As she sat in the front seat . "Austin , You can still go back in the game You know i can help you" Lisa Whispered In a Sweet calm voice .
Austin Breathe got deeper " I got bigger problems on my hands , " Austin Tried to whip the sweat off his face . Lisa Looked At Austins Shoulder seeing The kind of Tattoo The sign ment A Witchcraft of wolf TATTOO :
Lisa Didn't say a word After seeing the Tattoo .At the School All lisa Could think about was The tattoo

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4 Feb, 2012
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