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It Came On Awful Sudden

It Came On Awful Sudden

By John Smith

It came on awful sudden there was nothing anybody could do but watch in horror as the shark circled the small girl while she splashed in the shallows. It was late afternoon right about feeding time for reef sharks. The family didnt know any better they were just down on vacation. Now their whole world had just changed on them in a moment. The mothers instinct was to scream and point and yell "thats my baby" over and over again. The father grabbed his Corona and broke it and began to charge the down the sandy beach to save his daughter. Even with his adrenaline pumping he felt week in his knees. He was coming to save the day. He hadnt realized that by the time he reached the water his wife was right on his heels. She grabbed the child as the shark was coming in to hit and she was bitten on the leg. Just then the husband dove on to the shark and just started stabbing. He could feel the razor glass cut through the sharks skin like a hot knife through warm butter. The shark was thrashing and bitting its fins were cutting him and it managed to get three of his fingers. But he just kept on stabbing. His eyes were closed and all he could think of was his wife and daughter making it to safety. He no longer had regard for his life. His life now tasted like salt water and blood. He had the shark in a  head lock and was stabbing it with the broken beer bottle in its neck and belly, the shark trying to get another bite. They were both now commited to mortal combat. Neither of them are going to let up until one is dead. Like the thunderdome two men enter one man leaves. And then by the grace of god a big wave came crashing in and pushed the brawl almost up on the beach. This gave the husband a much needed advantage. The shark now could not swim and the man held it down and continued to bludgeon the shark right there. By this time there were spectators watching this man covered in blood screaming while stabbing a beached shark. It made an old lady so sick she almost puked and two little boys down the beach were crying for their mother. Finally the husband realized he needed to stop and he looked at his wife and daughter and he saw they were safe. He then looked at his hands in one was a bloody beer bottle and on the other he only had two fingers left. He then looked down at the the dead shark and kicked it

Author Notes: My sister gave me the title and an hour to complete it.

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About The Author
John Smith
About This Story
7 Jul, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
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