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It felt so real and it became reality.

It felt so real and it became reality.

By inexpressiblegirl

BANG! A gunshot. The bullet zoomed pass my ear so close it felt like it was alive, growling, and ready to devour. And then it hit my sister, first in her head, then bullet after bullet into her chest. I tried to jump. I really did. But instead I just fell into a crumpled heap on the ground and screamed. For days I dreamed about that night at the crowded train station. Those selfish people. THEY JUST RAN.

And then it occured again. I was back in the station and this time, only my sister was there with me, covered in sticky blood. Holes so deep were tunneled in her chest, that broken purple veins were visible. This time I was angry. So angry at the men that did this. Their sneer when they saw her mutilated body. Their cackle which made my skin prickle. But I was worse. I was shaking with anger and ready to kill. I ran out the station onto the cold streets and tried to search for a sign. Any sign that whispered where those men cowered to. I ran into the darkness, the unfriendly air slicing past my skin like knives. BUT NO, THERE WAS NOTHING. I felt hopeless....until I heard the voice of a child, young and full of fear, ringing through the fog towards me. I ran towards the sound and saw her. My sister. She was pale with tears running down her cheeks. I tried grabbing her but instead my hand speared through her body. Her face said everything. Pain and vengeance. She was dead but I read her like an open book.

'Where are they?' I asked her.

She pointed towards the way I came from and faded away. I wanted to say more. How I love her so much and how I would avenge her. How I would never forget the times we spent together building sandcastles. And how sorry I was for not being the sister I was supposed to be and failing to save her life. But I didnt get a chance. I ran back as fast as I could to reach those monsters. My feet were being split open by sharp rocks but I didnt care. Just so long as I got to those men. And when I did, I saw them raping my sister's dead body. I lifted the largest rock I found on the ground and crept up towards the men. The man with the scar on his face saw me, eyes widening. I struck the man so hard in the head that I heard a crack. And then I struck the other. Both fell to the ground as I picked up the gun from the ground. Shot after shot into both men. But it wasnt enough. So I shot myself. And then I found myself falling through the air. And I awoke at home, finding that my sister was missing.

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About This Story
3 Apr, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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