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It Gets Better

It Gets Better

By Bitter

Hi, my name's Mary,
And I'm in Grade 8.
And if you think I'm ugly,
Well then, that's just great.

They think they're unique,
But they're all the same.
Crushing self-esteem,
like it's some sort of game.

I know from experience,
That bullying does suck.
And if it's happening to you,
Then you have some bad luck.

Don't let the have the power.
Just be who you are!
Because just like the sun,
You're a shining star!

We're all different people,
We're all kind of odd.
And your special personality,
Is a gift down from God.

I've seen people,
I've known my whole life.
Stab me in the back,
With the sharpest knife.

No matter Gay, Straight, or Bi,
Or just 'Out of the Norm.'
We are all humans,
No matter what form.

A victim commits suicide,
And the Bully gets off free,
When they should be charged,
With murder of the second degree.

I was at the point of suicide,
But then I used my voice,
But it's sad to say,
Some other didn't have the choice.

Their lives ended so short,
They had their whole life ahead.
Now, they cannot,
Because now, they are dead.

Don't let those jerks,
Decide to seal yur fate,
Look 'em in the eye and say,
"Haters Gonna Hate!"

2 years ago,
I was an emotional mess,
But slowly, I healed,
And now I could care less.

And before you say your goodbye's,
In your suicide letter,
Please, Let me tell you,

That it does get better.


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About This Story
17 Oct, 2011
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1 min
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