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By puppy


Tracy Morris was at her locker putting her books away. When her best friend Emily Reed came up from behind her

‚So what time do I pick you up tonight?‛

‚Oww! Dammit Em! You just scared the hell out of me! Tracy yelled rubbing her finger

‚Sorry are you okay? Emily asked trying not to laugh

‚Oh yah sure, thanks, and by the way it's a new habit of mines. To smash my finger inside my locker I strongly suggest that you should try it‛ Tracy sarcastically answered her back

‚Funny, so what time do I pick you up? Emily repeated

‚Pick me up for what‛ Tracy asked

‚What do you mean for what? For Jerry's Halloween costume party up at Crystal Lake. You're going right? Emily frowned

‚Oh that, sorry but I've to baby sit so---

‚What! Please tell me you're kidding you gotta go! If you don't that slut Mindy will be all over David‛ Emily interrupted. ‚And don't give that bull about having to baby sit. ‚Oh wait! Don't tell me that you of all people are scared of going up to Crystal Lake? Emily asked her in spooky tone of voice

‚Oh no! You finally figured out my deep dark secret! Tracy gasped

‚Yes Em, I truly am terrified of Crystal Lake and believe that it's haunted by Casper. Please give me a break I just don't feel like going that's all‛

‚Oh come on Trac, please! I swear if you don't go I'll never talk to you ever again‛ Emily pouted

‚Okay, okay you win! I'll go to the stupid party happy now? Tracy sighed

‚Very now come on we're going too be late for homeroom‛ Emily smiled

Later that night Tracy was adding the final touches to her witch costume. When she heard Emily honking she ran downstairs and cried out

‚Mom, I'm leaving now!‛

‚Okay have a good time and be home by one‛ Her mother yelled from the kitchen

‚Hey look what I got! Emily cried once Tracy got inside the car. Rolling her eyes at her Tracy asked

‚Okay Em, how old are you again?

Staring at the gory hand that when you press a button. It slowly moves back and forth. And as they drove off to the party Tracy had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. That this would be the last Halloween that they'd ever spent together

‚I hope that I'm wrong‛ She thought to herself staring out the window listening to Emily. Go on and on about who was going to be there with who

Thirty minutes parked and opened her car door. She was about to get out when she noticed that Tracy hadn't moved. She was just sitting there staring at the lake

‚Umm Trac, are you going to get out? Or are you just planning to sit in the car just staring at place all night?

Tracy was about to answer her when someone suddenly jumped in front of the car. And bang on the hood


Tracy got out of the car and yelled

‚That wasn't funny Dave! You scared me half to death!

‚Aww where's your Halloween spirit Trac? That's what this night's all about to get and give scares! Dave laughed. Then grabbed her hand and walked towards the large tented area

Inside the tent the only light that was on were the ones coming out of the jack o lanterns. That was place on every corner of the tent and a few Christmas lights hanging from the beams. Tracy started to relax as a person dressed as Donald Duck, walked over to Dave and tried to give him. A big duck kiss

‚Maybe coming here tonight wasn't such a bad idea after all‛ She thought to herself

A couple minutes later a piece of paper was being passed around. So everyone could write down who they thought should win the grand prize of best costume. After writing down her vote Tracy whispered over to Emily, who was dressed as tinkle bell

‚Hey who is that over by the punch bowl? And before Emily could answer her back. Cherri Huston, Jerry's girlfriend interrupted

‚May I've everyone's attention please? The results are in! But before I tell you who won. We'd like for you to follow us down by the lake, and take part in a very eerie show. That the spirits of Crystal Lake have put together

And as everyone started to head out towards the lake. Tracy started to get that funny feeling again. She was about to ask Dave if they could leave, When Emily cried out from the door way

‚Hey hurry up you two!‛

‚You go Em, we'll wait for you here‛ Tracy answered her

‚Huh? What do you mean we'll wait for her here? I don't know about you but I'm going‛ Dave smirked. And before Tracy could answer him he took off to catch up with the rest of the group

‚Okay Tracy, what really gives? Emily asked taking a seat next to her

‚I can't tell you‛ Tracy sobbed

‚Yes you can, I promise that I won't tell anybody and it'll help you feel better if you do‛ Emily told her. Tracy took a deep breath

‚Okay remember when we were in grade school and my cousin Billy took us trick or treating‛


‚When we dropped you off I don't remember why but instead of going back to my house. We ended up here I remember that I was so scared that I started crying‛ And Billy's friend kept telling him to keep me quite, or the mad man that lives out here. Will come out and eat me‛

‚What a jerk! Emily frowned. Tracy nodded then continued

‚When we got out of the car we headed towards the lake. When this crazed old man dressed in rags jumped out from one of the bushes. And started to chase us with an ax yelling at the top of his lungs. For us to get out of his house!

‚I remember that one of Billy's friends sneaked behind the old man and wrestled the ax away from him. He kept hitting him with it over and over again‛

‚Oh my god!

‚I could've sworn that he killed him but I was never sure. Cause Billy just grabbed my hand and we ran back to the car‛ When we got inside his friend grabbed my arm and yelled in my face. That if I ever told anyone what happened the same thing would happen to me!

‚Now do you see why I didn't want to come here? Tracy sobbed

‚Oh Trac! I 'm so sorry. I can't believe that you never told me, come on we're getting out of here right now! Emily told her

They were starting to leave when a figure blocked their path and removed his mask. It was Tracy's cousin Billy who listening to their conversation

‚Billy, what are you doing here? Emily asked in surprised tone of voice. But Billy just walked passed her

‚I wanted to surprise Tracy, I'm so sorry I had no idea that you've been carrying the fear. Of what happened that night all these years‛

‚It was just some stupid prank that my friends wanted to pull on their girlfriend. And wanted me to help them with it. I had no choice but to take you with me since your parents weren't home‛ Billy explained

‚Do you forgive me?'

‚Forgive you? You got some nerves how can you stand there and ask her to forgive you! Emily yelled at him

‚I'm not talking to you Emily---. But Emily only cut him off and continued yelling

‚You're such a jerk Billy! You dragged her out here to witness one of your retarded friends kill. Some poor homeless old man!

‚You're right about one thing; he was an old man but homeless never. He had a family who cared and loved him very much‛ He'd just become confused once in a while and liked to come out here‛

‚Where no one would bother him. That was until you and your stupid friends messed with his mind, then left him alone to die. Like he was some piece of trash!

The three teens were shocked and confused to see Dave standing there. Just yelling at the top of his lungs at them

‚Dave, what—

‚Shut up! I've waited for a very long time for this night! He yelled over to Tracy. And as he walked closer towards them Emily screamed

‚Oh please excuse the way I look‛ Dave laughed. He had changed his vampire costume and was now dressed as some homeless man. He held up a bloody ax then asked

‚Looks familiar huh Trac? It should it was my grandfather favorite ax‛

‚Dave, what the hell is going on where are the others? Emily asked

‚Relax Tinkle Bell; I'll answer all your questions in a minute. But first I've to take care of some unfinished business‛ Dave smirked

‚Hey Billy!‛

And before Billy could ask him what. Dave took out a gun from his back pocket and shot Billy right in the chest. Emily screamed again then made a departed dash towards the door. But she never made it Dave shot her in the back

‚You know Tracy I never liked Tinkle Bell. I was more a captain hook kina of guy! He laughed

Tracy was in a state of shock and thought to herself

‚This can't be happening‛

‚Dave, I'm really sorry about what happened to your grandfather. But that was long time ago getting revenge on us now isn't going to bring him back.

But her pleas for her life were useless Dave just shot her before she had a chance to finish

And even though there was no one really there Dave stilled heard the voice of his grandfather laughing in his head

‚You know son I never did like that girl, she always whined too much‛

Dave smiled and agreed as he jumped into the lake to wash himself off. Then changed into his street cloths but before he left, he carefully placed the ax on top of an unmarked grave and whispered with a big smile on his face

‚Happy Halloween grandpa!

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006

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11 Jul, 2013
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