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It Is Better to Be Forgotten
It Is Better to Be Forgotten

It Is Better to Be Forgotten

MistyJJPAmber Jones

There’s a part of me that

Always seems to fear

That you might forget me

In a week, month, or year.

That one day all we had

Will fade into the dark

Just dwindle in passing

With no sign of that spark.

That our memories will

Disappear in a rush

And all that we were will

Simply be behind us.

I’d like my memory

To stay with you forever

A painted picture on

Your heart; a true treasure.

If you won’t take me with

You then please don’t forget

Hold me somewhere special

Just don’t set me down yet.

And if you do move on

With my memory too

Then please don’t ignore me

And our tender ties undo.

It hurts far worse to be

Quite simply ignored

To be forcefully lost

As just another record.

It’s hard to know your back

When before you I’ve fallen

So please don’t ignore me

For I’d rather be forgotten.

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About The Author
Amber Jones
About This Story
13 Apr, 2021
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<1 min
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