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It Is Just Sea Now!
It Is Just Sea Now!

It Is Just Sea Now!

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I remember that seashore like a boy/girl in America would remember his first time to Disney World.

I and my friends would run from our coconut leaf roofed homes to the seashore every day.

It took us about ten minutes to reach the seashore everytime. Time strolled by so fast when you sleep to the sound of waves crushing on the seashore.

We grew up and left the island to study in the city. A place I spent most of my teen life, hearing every single thing that all parties had to say about climate change.

I convinced myself that it was all a hoax, could it have been that I was too scared to lose my home that I was easily convinced, that I don't know.

During holidays, I would travel back home on the island.

Every holiday I went home, nothing else mattered to me but how the run I used to make was becoming lesser of a second and then a minute.

Was it because I am all grown now that the time has changed, guess I'm faster now.

Too fast that I was in my dormitory back in school when I heard that a evacuation plan was put in place for my family on the island.

The seashore has reached the bottom of my coconut leaf roofed home like the tears falling from my eyes.

Now it is just the sea!!

Author Notes: Climate Change is Real!!

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13 Oct, 2020
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1 min

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