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It Was you...

It Was you...

By adhie12

You Came along in my life silently.. Secretly made a move on being close to me again that when I noticed it....I already got blinded.. I'm almost Drowning with your presence... Being hunted by your memories every night.. Never letting me have at least a nap...

" You were badly hurt that time...and I tried to be there for you.. At least letting you know I'm there even though
not physically..Trying to at least put a smile on your face.."

I should have died a long time ago if not for you... You literally became the air that/when I started to Quit breathing in.. Thought me how to live again.. little by little.. step by step.. bit by bit... You introduce me to the world I almost forgot I was in..
Gloomy days started to move forward.. The rain stopped pouring out in me.. I'm contented with my life back then.... But you teach me to crave for more... To ask for something more.. And that is Having you... How can I be so selfish...

Selfish indeed.. but Dear you thought me how to live again.. for you...
How do you supposed me to be just like these..
You took away all the things that hurt me much.. Letting me laugh about a lot of things... Why didn't you tell me you wouldn't stay...

You let me be brave enough to face all of those things but you didn't thought me how to deal in the pain of losing you.. You thought me how to fear again.. on wanting ´╗┐´╗┐something I know I wouldn't have... no matter How much I try..

You've thought me how to smile.. yet you also thought me how to wear a mask... so that nobody would know...
so that you wouldn't also know.. that Behind all of those happiness are memories... that kept haunting me... kept replaying on my mind.. making my heart bleed again...

Not the way it used to do.. but worst on those days you are not near...

You let me get used to it.. Without letting me know you'll never stay...

And now I'm here..

Blinded by you.. Drowning in my own pain.. Never letting you know.. I was.. Indeed... Dead... I quit breathing when you told me.. You Can't love me the way I wanted to be loved...

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12 Nov, 2010
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1 min
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