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It Will Pass in Time

It Will Pass in Time

By Thoughts Unspoken

It comes out of nowhere

A painful longing that infects my body

My hands start to shake

Sweat rolls down my forehead

Every muscle feels tight

It hurts to breathe

Every cell in my body screaming for relief

I want to crawl out of my skin

Here comes the devil on my shoulder

Offering me his sweet solution

Just one more shot, jjus one last time

He promises me the numbness I crave

And the war in my mind starts to rage

Want and need versus life or death

At this point I don't know if I even care

Dizziness overcomes me so I lay on my bed

I curl up in the fetal position

Trying to rock away the pain

I Keep telling myself it will pass and I'll feel better soon

The seconds tick by as if they're minutes and the minutes hours

But the devil on my shoulder won't let me be

He taunts me telling me lies I want to believe

But I know better and I curl up tighter

And cry out for release from this prison

Slowly, so very slowly I feel my body relax

My heart beat slows down and my aching begins to cease

The devils taunts are fading away

He soon falls silent and sulks away

I won the battle this time

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About The Author
Thoughts Unspoken
About This Story
17 Jan, 2018
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1 min
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