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It Will Pass in Time

It Will Pass in Time

By Rebecca Kathleen

The craving comes so unexpectedly

A painful longing infects my body

My hands start to shake

Sweat pours down my forehead

Every muscle feels tight and tense

It hurts to breathe, to move, to think

Every cell in my body screams for relief

I want to crawl out of my skin

The devil comes to perch on my shoulder

He whispers to me softly

Offering me a quick solution

Just one more shot, this one last time

A promise of relief from this pain

My mind begins to wage war

Want and need versus life or death

The devil wants me not to care

Dizziness overtakes me

I curl up in the fetal position

Trying to rock away the pain

I tell myself it will pass, I'll feel better soon

Seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like hours

But the devil on my shoulder isn't done with me

He taunts me telling me to just give in

But I know the truth behind his lies

This torment will pass in time

Slowly, very slowly my body starts to relax

My heart slows down and the pain subsides

The devils taunts are losing ground

He appears to scream but makes no sound

Through this suffering and pain I found

I won this time around


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About The Author
Rebecca Kathleen
About This Story
17 Jan, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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