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By FantasyHope

'Run! Don't stop! Don't turn back!', thats what was going threw my head as I ran as fast as my feet could take me at 11 in the night. I was running for my life, every step holding it in a open space dangling if not careful it would slip and I would die. This forest was big you looked ahead and it seemed to never end. Being 11 in the night it was dark and the only thing lighting the night was the moonlight shining above. I kept running as if a monster was chasing me because in my life my dad was my monster. I turned my head quickly to find no one chasing me expect for the dark night expanding, every moment getting darker. I should have know the monster wouldn't have chase me threw the forest! He didn't care about me, I was a waste of breathe in his eyes. My mom wouldn't even know I was gone, she didn't care. It was unfair how they treated me, give my sister everything! I don't care anymore! She could have it all! Screw them! They didn't even notice me leave the house and I went threw the front door. I just kept running until I knew I was deep in the heart of the forest. I didn't know what time it was but it felt like forever. I then looked up and saw gray clouds forming then I heard thunder abd it started running hard. I then ran into a big old abondend castle up ahead. I locked the door behind me still suprised it was open and heard a loud 'thump' as it locked into place. It was pitch black in the castle and I couldn't see a thing, I was too scared to take another step afraid of whats there so I decided to explore in the morning. I fell to the floor right where I stood and fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke it wasn't even morning, well it didn't feel like it. I noticed I wasn't laying on the floor but tied to what looked like a circle spin the wheel look. My two hands were tied and feet too I was spread out like a star inside a circle. I tried to move but I couldn't. I noticed the room was dark, couldn't see a thing. There was only a dim light on top of my head as if the spotlight was on me. I saw something move in the shadows but couldn't make out the figure. Then I saw red eyes looking at me! Dark blood eyes. I then screamed and all I could feel was something tearing the insides of my body out. I then noticed claws on me and I felt cold bright red blood drip down my body. It felt like a nightmare but I knew it wasn't. Then I saw its face! Oh the horror! I probably would have died of my wound but I died from seeing its face... Nothing can explain it, theres no words for it expect for IT. Watch out....

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17 Jan, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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