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It's been a year

It's been a year

By reachamongthestars

So why did I come here in the first place?
I guess it was a combination of boredom, eagerness to test out my brand new laptop and most of all, sadness. Something that quiet afternoon had made me want to cry. This does not happen often but to my 14 year old mind, I thought that maybe I could release some of those silent tears if I read something that would make me want to cry.
And so there I sat in my room, googling away. I googles "sad stories" and then I realised I could never be bothered to read something more than half a page long. And so I went back and typed in "sad short stories." Bingo. Shortstories101 came up and I immediately jumped to the "sad" category because I wanted to let whatever was holding my tears back.
I guess you could say I got lucky. Or maybe I was destined to read the few stories that I did. I remember his username: rockerdude; he's not to be found anywhere now.
I remember loving each and every one of his stories. I was almost at the point where I wanted to leap up in joy because his short paragraphs brought joy and a nice sadness to me. It was what inspired me to start writing here.
I wanted to write back to him somehow, to tell him how much I liked his stories. I guess I got lucky again because he had left his email address behind for feedback on one of the stories.
We emailed each other for about 5 months and then became facebook friends. But after a year, things have changed. I can't say much more. I'm a little angry at time, and what it's done to my perceptions of things. But I will say one thing; I'd do anything to revisit and relive those days when I first discovered this website. I have watched it turn to the vile and 18+ material that was once just a delicate writing board for anyone to express their works of literature.
Time's a bitch.
But I'm just happy to be me, even if I am one year older.

Much love,
an old writer

and just for those interested, yes i have left my email somewhere amongst my other stories.

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5 Mar, 2012
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