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Its Different In America

Its Different In America

By SuperRussianGirl

I knew it would be different in America. Mom would always talk about America and how diferent people are there. I always believed her. "Men are different and take advantage of young women." she would say pointing her finger at me, I would just shake my head yes and say "DA"
When we arrived in America, everything was great. The people, the stores, everything. Being as young as I was, 14 years, boys were something that I had on my mind ALOT. A boy would pass by with an ocassional whistle and I'd just wave not knowing it was a "Sexual comment" of some type. Anyways, one day a really good looking teen boy was with a group of friends and noticed me. He called me over so I walked up to the group. He asked me my name, "Victoria" and how old I was, "14". He gasped at my age. I didn't know why... he complemented my body and smile and then I asked him questions like his name, "Aaron" and how old he was, "19" I knew it was wrong to talk to adult men but something about him kept me there.
I got to know him and I would hang out with him time to time and everything was fine. Then one day it got serious, "Are you a virgin?" he asked me with a slight grin. "Nyet- I mean no." I told him and he gave a deep, dark look at my breasts. He invited me over to his house because his parents were gone, so I got in his car and went to his home. All we did was sit in the room for awhile but then he slowly lurked me into his plan. Sex. He said it wouldn't hurt too much and I was too good to keep to myself. "Have you ever touched yourself?" he'd ask me over and over again until I told him the truth, "Yes" I guess he liked my reply because he told me he got hard just thinking about me. He told me I either had to leave of help him with his erection so I stayed awhile.
He pulled my pants down, then my panites. He moved his fingers over my pale, hairless vagina and layed me down on his bed. I spread my legs and he pushed his finger in me. It hurt but I liked the pain. Then he took off my top and bra and moved his hands over my breasts. By that time, he was fully erect and naked beside me. He told me he was ready and I got nervous. I told him I changed my mind but he pinned me down and started pushing in me with his cock. I moaned because it felt good but I was still panicky. For the rest of that night, he raped me and after all that, he dropped me off somewhere and told me to find my way home. I walked and ignored the randy men that drawed attention towards me. When I reached home I took a shower and cried myself to sleep, I was disapointed in myself.
I guess Mom was right. Its different in America.

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About This Story
10 Nov, 2010
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2 mins
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