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It's Going to Hurt
It's Going to Hurt

It's Going to Hurt


Just because I have my doubts

Doesn't mean I don't care,

It means I care a lot,

Too much sometimes,

And it worries me that you'll leave,

Because no matter how much I try,

I can never explain it in these rhymes,

Which you will never see by the way,

I just know that you're going to hurt me,

I knew it that day,

The very one we met,

I locked eyes with you and I knew it,

I told myself "this one I'm going to regret,"

But the funny part is I don't,

No matter how much you've hurt me,

I never once regretted it,

Never once regretted telling my friend that

Night that I was free,

She introduced me to you,

Which is funny because shortly after

She left my life too,

I think you and I are meant to be

In some tragic way,

I'm not trying to romanticize the heartbreak,

But we've taught each other so much,

You've helped me grow as a person,

And I helped you too,

I think it's beautiful what we did with the pain,

And that now I can talk to you,

And you can talk to me,

And this time we can trust each other,

And our hearts and minds can be free,

You scare me because I care,

And I know that to you

That's not fair,

But I know,

Like I did the day we met,

That when you leave again,

It's going to hurt like hell,

But that's a secret I'll never tell,

Not to you

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25 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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