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It's Here, and It's Trying to Break Through.

It's Here, and It's Trying to Break Through.

By Morgan Corneau

It’s here, and It’s trying to break through.

Have you ever laid in bed in complete silence, with ringing in your ears? I have. I lay there, and toss and turn, trying to rid it. It never seems to work. People say that sound is your brain trying to fill in the missing sounds. But they lie. That ringing you hear… Well, it's something trying to break through into our world. You think i'm crazy don't you? I wouldn't blame you! Then again, who would believe a person that spent 13 years in a mental institution.... They tell me I should stop trying to convince people of my theory. I always tell them. It's not a theory. It's the truth.

Do me a favor. Go into another room, turn off the tv, your music, close your windows. Just turn off anything that makes noise. Now you hear that? Thats something, or someone. Not your brain. It drove me crazy. Until finally, it was gone. Do me another favor. Turn off everything like I said before, but turn off the lights. Hear the ringing? Good, you better pray you do. Now if you don't hear it… Then you're just like me. No matter how far you run and no matter where you hide. It will always find you. The voices will never go away. It's here, and it's trying to break through.

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About The Author
Morgan Corneau
About This Story
2 Jun, 2017
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1 min
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