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It's Your Chance

It's Your Chance

By Gogopuppies101 - 1 Review

When you're given a chance, take it. You might never get it again. They were my parent's last words before they left for England. I was only 15 when they left and now I'm 18. I lived my 3 years wisely. Taking every chance I got and holding on to it. Including boys. But I never held on to one as long as Jefferson. He's 17, blonde, tall, aka, PERFECT! We had gone on dates once or twice. We snuggled every night. We slept in the same bed. And no, before you ask, we never did what you're thinking. So, you should know, that this story I'm about to tell you is all about me and my last boyfriend, before Jefferson. His name was Ethan.
Ethan was sweet, kind and tough. Yeah, ok, he sounds amazing. But trust me, you'll understand why I left him. It was a rainy afternoon and I was getting soaked. He was supposed to pick me up twenty minutes ago. I stood in the water, dripping wet, hugging myself until I was warm. His car, red Ferrari, finally pulled up. He opened the door and giggled. I had no idea boys could giggle. I got in his car and closed the door. He instantly opened my door and pulled me out. He was lucky, his umbrella literally repelled the rain. Anyway, he had an annoyed look on his face.                      "You can't be in my car when your wet. It cost me-"                                                                                                                                                                 "Nothing! It cost you nothing!! Your parents bought this car for you when you turned 16. Unlike me, who actually bought my own car with my OWN money!!" I snapped. He never understood anything. "Also, I'm the one who's soaking wet and nowhere to go. You're the one with the car, a home and, before I forget, MY BOYFRIEND!!" I had no chance of keeping this one. I knew it from then on. He cowered. He put his sad face on and looked at me like a dog who wants a bone. I did the classic movie thing and slapped him right across the face. I eyed the red mark. He cried out in pain. Nothing compared to what he said to me. I pulled the keys from his hand and got in his car. I turned on the engine and pulled Ethan inside. Within seconds, I was off. The car was terrifyingly fast. I loved it. When we got to a hotel, I got out. I smiled and chucked Ethan the keys. Then I walked in the hotel. That's when I saw Jefferson. Just standing there, waiting. For what, though? A girl? A job? A drink? I was about to find out. 

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About This Story
12 Mar, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
2.0 (1 review)

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